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The change is aimed at fixing what one of the sources described as ''a legal loophole'' in implementing the Status of Forces Agreement, as the rule is so vague about the treatment of nonmilitary U.
He said the attacks, the rebels' first on nonmilitary targets since May, forced at least 74 families to flee their homes.
DOD's military and nonmilitary missions differ in terms of roles, duration, acceptance, and capabilities normally employed.
Local people had some concern at first about the arrival of the soldiers, he said, but then they warmed up to the idea of troops constructing things for nonmilitary purposes.
lt;p>DOD's military and nonmilitary missions differ in terms of roles, duration, acceptance, and capabilities normally employed.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan, "who joined Powell at the briefing, said the United Nations, in enforcing its economic embargo against Iraq, must be careful about permitting the export of items that have both military and nonmilitary uses.
At the fund-raiser opening Monday, comedian Sid Caesar summed up the importance of providing a nonmilitary setting for battle-weary soldiers.
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on Tuesday endorsed a government bill that would authorize the Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) and the Japan Coast Guard to inspect nonmilitary vessels in the event of an emergency in areas surrounding Japan, party officials said.
Such glib equations preclude any sort of diplomatic or nonmilitary settlement of the Kosovo matter: You don't negotiate peace with a Hitler; unconditional surrender and total capitulation are the only acceptable terms.
With expectant eyes turned skyward, a crew of engineers will gather in California's Mojave desert later this month to watch the first flights of the prototype for Perseus, an unmanned airplane designed to reach higher than any other nonmilitary plane (SN: 3/2/91, p.
It addresses (1) the primary differences in military and nonmilitary missions; (2) how DOD evaluates requests for nonmilitary missions; (3) how the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act impacts DOD's nonmilitary missions; (4) whether current management organizations, plans, and forces are adequate to support DOD's domestic missions; and (5) the impact of overseas and domestic missions on military personnel tempo.
s TASC unit, completed April 1, was intended to reduce its dependence on defense contracts and boost its nonmilitary and commercial business.