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Shahn spoke to this difference in 1952: "Of our fine art there are two main streams, one humanistic, necessarily asking the question, 'To what end?' greatly concerned with the implications of man's way of life; the other, the abstract and nonobjective, absorbed in its own plastic problems, and not involved with the human prospect....
Each was clearly either realistic, abstract or nonobjective. Students were better able to identify each style than at the beginning of the lesson, and had a much better understanding of the difference between abstract and non-objective art.
Though decidedly nonobjective, the works evoke alien landscapes or deep theatrical sets with multiple planes of sleek geological features and strange flora.
Also being shown is an exhibit of nonobjective work by the center's namesake, Maude I.
Students will create a nonobjective painting with multiple media.
His nonobjective acrylic paintings were visions of forms and shapes representing attitudes and ideas from his personal environment."
Although he experimented with surrealist ( Composition, 1931) and nonobjective ( Rectangular Form,
For inspiration, I shared the work of Philadelphia-based nonobjective painter, Moe Brooker.
Hermes Alegre, purveyor of luxe, admits, with this nonobjective collection, that even he can be ill at ease.
His works are neither entirely nonobjective nor nonrepresentational in the traditional sense, however; they play with decorative motifs and other pictorial elements.
Artists include Robert Adams, with pop-influenced mixed-media work; Michael Boonstra, with ``Environmental Explorations''; Blue Mitchell, with "Mythos," Jill Cardinal, showing gouache paintings; nonobjective paintings by the late Maude Kerns; and Daniel Heila, with "Wetlands: Distant Progress."
To help speed its arrival, I used the work of Georgia O'Keeffe and lots of springtime flowers to brighten our spirits in a painting project that focused on realistic, abstract, and nonobjective styles of art.