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Haliloglu, "DynaFace: discrimination between obligatory and nonobligatory protein-protein interactions based on the complex's dynamics," PLoS Computational Biology, vol.
nonobligatory utterance-initial items that function in relation to ongoing talk and text" ("Discourse markers: Language, meaning and context", en The Handbook of discourse analysis, eds.
In whose interest is a change of status from nonobligatory to obligatory?
The document later explains, "For Catholics, non-resistance is a 'counsel of perfection'," that is, a nonobligatory moral ideal (C.T.B.P., no.
While all three children participating in the Warren and Bambara (1989) study generalized their use of the action-object form to nonobligatory situations, only one participant generalized across settings and adults.
This problem is exacerbated with parents of Moroccan origin who refuse nonobligatory education that is available for their daughters.
Because of frequent and widespread misunderstandings of the definition of "ordinary" (obligatory) and "extraordinary" (generally nonobligatory) means (medical treatments)--terms that date back to the 16th century--the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith proposes new terminology: "proportionate" and "disproportionate" means.
Only when the new left-wing Government came into power it implemented the Directive and even followed its nonobligatory suggestions (Bursens 2002).
Similarly, Sheikh Ali Abu el Hasan assistant secretary general of the Center for Islamic Research at Egypt's al-Azhar mosque noted that umrah was nonobligatory and should be postponed if it could lead to potential harm.
A nonobligatory liturgical rite for marriage, originating in Rome and involving a veiling of the bride, remained in force in some areas; it was permitted to those of exemplary life and marrying for the first time but obligatory for clergy.