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In other words, in such cases the nonobservance of a biblical command is not a violation but, on the contrary, the observance of another supervening law that protects life.
According to this principle, in cases in which there is a contract, a civil action can only be brought under contract law, which means that contractual liability imposes sanctions for the nonobservance of contractual obligations, and tort law cannot be used instead or alongside.
162) Substantive neutrality, on the other hand, requires that the government "minimize the extent to which it either encourages or discourages religions belief or disbelief, practice or nonpractice, observance or nonobservance.
Garcia was bilingual and his observance or nonobservance of the rule was a "matter of individual preference.
A situation analysis conducted in 2002 highlighted important barriers to obtaining MR services: distance to facility, unofficial fees, lack of privacy, unfavorable provider attitudes, inadequate infection prevention and nonobservance of protocols.
Where the statute is silent on procedural requirements, the relevant common law standards will apply to a decision affecting rights and their nonobservance will amount to jurisdictional error.
For example, it is what allows Barbara Holdrege to condemn the Eurocentric, Protestant preoccupations of religion and then suggest that we take our cues from Hinduism and Judaism, two traditions that "construct different categories and taxonomies that bring to light different sets of relationships, such as those between religion and culture, ethnic identity and religious adherence, observance and nonobservance.
unavailable to a regular contracting party, or if the nonobservance of a
Though jurisprudence can potentially play a very important role in enforcing the EPL provisions since employers can be sanctioned for nonobservance of these rules, its effect is conditional upon a number of factors.
Individual essays include "The Democratization of American Judaism", "Rethinking the History of Nonobservance as an American Orthodox Jewish Lifestyle", "The Postwar Pursuit of American Jewish History and the Memory of the Holocaust", "Telling the American Story: Yiddish and the Narratives of Children of Immigrants", and many more.
IMF (2008), "Turkey: Seventh Review and Inflation Consultation under the Stand-By Arrangement and Request for Wavier of Nonobservance of Performance Criteria", IMF Country Report, No.