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The comparison with nonobservant participants at Panel A of Table 4 rules out a time-of-the-day effect (afternoon vs.
In their daily lives, observant and nonobservant Jews may not interact on a regular basis and thus, may have preconceived notions of the other group, which may or may not be accurate.
She received unprecedented access, as a nonobservant Jew with little knowledge of their world--and perhaps it was her background which led many to open up to the truths about differences between and among Hasidic sects and the secret feelings of members who longed for a life with fewer restrictions and more tolerance.
An extensive poll conducted for the Pew Forum soon after the votes were counted in 2004 found that the most significant divide was between churchgoers rather than one that pits them against the nonobservant and the unaffiliated.
thoroughly nonobservant home, I had ironically become intrigued by the
The majority of Jesus' teachings and healings make a hero of the non-Jew, the nonobservant person.
There was a reluctance to push for halakhic observance lest the nonobservant would be alienated.
Their main concern is to demonstrate how nonobservant individuals, even convinced atheists, can still identify with Judaism as a living culture and contribute to its future growth regardless of how far their personal faith and worship practices may diverge from traditional norms.
Most are nonobservant Jews who, in a moment of cosmic folly, marry a zealot, along with the occasional bewildered-looking gentile who seems to have accidentally disembarked at the wrong subway stop, both literally and figuratively.
On the one hand, this meant that the sample was probably biased in the direction of the religiously observant, since nonobservant Muslims tend not to join the MSA.
The grave, moved in 1975 to the Catholic cemetery that blackballed the nonobservant writer in 1940 (there are second acts in American death), abuts highways throbbing with commerce.
Born into a nonobservant Jewish family, he had little time for conventional religion but regarded the physical universe with a wonder and respect that bordered on theological awe.