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In contrast to the pattern of official source usage, the use of nonofficial sources was positively related to the use of the environmental, human impact, and human interest frames, but negatively related to the use of the conflict, collaboration, and leadership frames.
77 ** French or English spoken at home Nonofficial language spoken at home 0.
These committees were comprised of both official and nonofficial members.
The concluding chapter reexamines the georgic tradition through a pairing of Walden with nineteenth-century agricultural journals, revealing in the mid-nineteenth century a "hyperbolic growth in the amount, quality, and impact of nonofficial, anonymous, collective, and applied environmental writing" and the development of "an aesthetic that draws nourishment from agricultural and scientific practices" (181, emphasis in original).
Giving page one prominence to unsubstantiated and unverified allegations coming from a nonofficial source establishes a dangerous precedent.
Second, reducing the gap between the official and nonofficial dollar prices in the Egyptian market, which has relatively increase over the past month.
The Riyadh municipality, in collaboration with a number of official and nonofficial bodies, have lined up a series of programs to entertain at various public places such as malls, parks and shopping centers.
Moreover, experts coal mines at the rebel republics will likely conclude nonofficial agreements this year and sell coal to Russian companies, which will further supply it for export under the guise of Russian-origin coal.
Gerstenberger defines a "confessional" community as "a nonofficial religious fellowship based on personal decision" (p.
9) The violence of this era remains traumatic and is not communicated as official, state-sanctioned history until the present day, but lingers as nonofficial history, silenced due to its criticism of the state.
So they made it much easier to incorporate people from the nonofficial marketplace into an official marketplace, meaning making it easier to get licenses, easier to sell your stuff on the corner.
In a particularly informative chapter, McAtackney treats official and nonofficial documentation as an archaeological resource that can be dissected to offer insight into perspectives on, and experiences in, Long Kesh/Maze.