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Traditional Parametric Statistics Mean: $1,644,704 Standard deviation: $190,644 Traditional Nonparametric Statistics Upper quartile: $1,973,645 Median: $1,644,704 Lower quartile: $1,473,530 Simple Averages High-range average: $1,891,410 Most likely range: $1,644,704 Low-range average: $1,397,999
Nonparametric statistics make no assumptions about the shape of the distribution so that they are often called "distribution-free" statistics.
The nonparametric statistics analysis begins when a nominal point is selected and boundary points from an arbitrary user-supplied data collection are chosen.
Particularly helpful are the lucid discussions regarding key assumptions or common errors made in the use of different statistical procedures, and the appropriate use of P values, confidence intervals, power, transformations, and nonparametric statistics.