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After a measure of distance between participants and nonparticipants is generated, the REM matching algorithm selects nonparticipant comparison(s) for each intervention participant.
Section III examines the likelihood that nonparticipants will return to the labor force.
The model predicts undistorted labor supply for two groups: those predicted to be nonparticipants (Group A in Table 2) and those who face nonbinding thresholds (Groups B1 and C1 in Table 2).
If he answers no to both questions, he is classified as being a nonparticipant. In the model of this article as well as that of Krusell et al.
Further, property settlement agreements generally cannot be enforced by contempt, (14) which limits the available remedies to the nonparticipant former spouse if the participant fails to make their direct payment.
Exhibit 2 suggests that when the first-year revenue is $150,000, the nonparticipant incurs an accumulated loss of $352,598.
Since the group of nonparticipants was expected to be much smaller than the group of participating parents, it was decided to include the parents of all infants who did not participate in the screening during the research period (November 2007 to April 2009).
Comparing program completers to eligible nonparticipants and dropouts, Jensen and Kane (2010) found that participation in the therapeutic community delayed time to first rearrest by up to two years following release from prison.
On the other hand, the data show that an unemployed person is more likely to find a job than a nonparticipant. This difference in the probability of finding a job suggests that the unemployed are in some sense "more attached" to the labor market than nonparticipants are.
The nonparticipant group did not attend the PIFT, but they did engage in a variety of activities over spring break.
The risky sport participant group was found to have higher levels of E than the nonparticipant group.
Aiming to present a wider repertoire of techniques to researchers, she discusses nonparticipant observation, interviewing, journal writing as a research technique, writing poems based on interview data, internet resources such as social networking sites and blogs, and photography and video.