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The broader constitutional context I describe here identifies Vieth as the puzzling aberration from the general norm against government nonpartisanship.
Finally, Sharp points to the newness of the republic and the popular appeal of nonpartisanship as evidence in support of a genuine fear that union actually hung in the balance in 1800.
NSBA is the most pragmatic, thoughtful small-business organization out there and its staunch nonpartisanship puts us in the unique position to focus solely on our one constituency: small business.
This reform style fended off charges from political opponents, so-called "red-bloods," who called reformers "mollycoddles" and ridiculed nonpartisanship as "hermaphroditism.
Long an advocate of the idea that "the best policy is made in the center, on a bipartisan basis," Harman values the Wilson Center's commitment to nonpartisanship.
Irvine: I've been at the council so long that confidentially and nonpartisanship is as natural as breathing.
Hoffmann, who developed a close relationship with Vladimir Jabotinsky and the latter's Revisionist Zionist Party, contravened the founding editorial policy of nonpartisanship pronounced by Diamant.
Thus, during the war, a battle for the type of postwar political organisation to be put in place was also being fought: a battle between partisanship and nonpartisanship (Luksic 1994: 24).
Maybe that nonpartisanship was why, in a recent public-television-sponsored campaign to choose Bulgaria's top event of the 20th century, the audience chose "the miracle of Bulgarian opera voices.
Some question whether there's a market for that on commercial TV, equating nonpartisanship with blandness.
Dahabi also stressed "objective criticism" and urged the media to shun slander of personality and abide by ethical standards, mainly neutrality and nonpartisanship.