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The COA also said there were more nonpaying participants, especially in June and September.
It doesn't bother me in the least," Fred Winegar said of the nonpaying fans.
In their survey of more than 2,000 medical school faculty involved in direct patient care, they found large gaps between nonpaying and paying patients in referrals to specialists, high-tech care, outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment, and even routine inpatient care.
The initiative measured condom use with new clients and with regular paying and regular nonpaying partners at both sites.
Even though a few accounts may slip by, you will find that the overall number of slow-paying and nonpaying accounts will greatly diminish--and that's a victory in itself.
Otherwise, even for a nonpaying guest, this portal is entirely serviceable, with user-friendly categories and organization that focus on the basics of what users need.
com, an affiliate of Time Warner Trade Publishing, is using a security technology by SealedMedia that is designed to prevent unauthorized use of its e-books by nonpaying customers.
The carriers asked the court to rule the Times violated its contract with them and to enjoin Knight-Ridder and the Times from using any contract "that compels the contractor to deliver newspapers at their own expense to nonpaying subscribers" or prevents them from collecting from those customers.
For example, the child support agreement (or a separate agreement) could state that amounts required to be expended by the custodial parent because of unpaid child support become a debt from the nonpaying parent to the custodial parent.
Despite the large numbers of nonpaying patients and the absence of regulations or public resources to guide and assist providers, an old-fashioned ad hoc system persists as a mechanism for rationing services.
Riley argued that not just the patient, but everyone was losing--insurance companies were raising their rates and the counties and the hospitals were losing money because of nonpaying patients.