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In these studies, instructional accuracy was varied in terms of how generic or specific, pertinent or nonpertinent, irrelevant or absent the content was regarding the response component (i.e., the choice criterion based on modality and relation) in the matching task (Ortiz et al., 2008).
On the other hand, attentional control can be conceptualized as the ability to filter information by focusing on pertinent cues and inhibiting nonpertinent cues [33].
After excluding nonpertinent titles (e.g., limited to diagnosis, clinical manifestation, treatment, or clinical trial reports), we read all abstracts, and for those meeting the outcomes of interest, full articles were read to determine their eligibility for inclusion.
The titles of the 110 retrieved papers were examined by two authors (GP and GNP) who excluded nonpertinent papers.
A radiologist recently told me it is best to list four nonpertinent negatives to make a report appear more complete.
Contributing to the accident was the flight crew's nonpertinent conversation during taxi, which resulted in a loss of positional awareness, and the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) failure to require that all runway crossings be authorized only by specific air traffic control (ATC) clearances.
As a matter of criminal law, Title III does not forbid the interception of incidental or "nonpertinent" communications.
Its use is recommended to improve nurse-nurse communication, and reduce the time spent on nonpertinent activities and information during shift reports and rounds.
(30) See LAFAVE ET AL., supra note 2, [section] 4.6(h), at 497 (discussing how the minimization requirement "does not forbid [the] interception" of "nonpertinent communications," but requires the government to take measures to lessen their interception).
These senior team members are well positioned to mentor their less experienced compatriots in handoff efficiency, which primarily consists of relaying the key information rather than nonpertinent details.
As the NTSB stated, "The Teterboro Airport local controller did not correct the airplane pilot's read back of the Newark Liberty International Airport tower frequency because of the controller's nonpertinent telephone conversation and other transmissions that were occurring" and "did not provide continual traffic advisories to the airplane pilot, as required."
For instance, in some cases investigators may have enough information about the target computer and the targeted files to develop a search protocol designed to minimize the amount of nonpertinent material that comes into view.