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A radiologist recently told me it is best to list four nonpertinent negatives to make a report appear more complete.
Contributing to the accident was the flight crew's nonpertinent conversation during taxi, which resulted in a loss of positional awareness, and the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) failure to require that all runway crossings be authorized only by specific air traffic control (ATC) clearances.
B]lind reliance on the percentage of nonpertinent calls intercepted is not a sure guide to the correct answer.
These senior team members are well positioned to mentor their less experienced compatriots in handoff efficiency, which primarily consists of relaying the key information rather than nonpertinent details.
Levity was out of the question, and the current use of music and nonpertinent discussions during an operation would never have been allowed.
For instance, in some cases investigators may have enough information about the target computer and the targeted files to develop a search protocol designed to minimize the amount of nonpertinent material that comes into view.
This occurs because the nonpertinent light chain becomes trapped in the casts.
The zero degree does not retrieve the nonpertinent macroscopic forms.
128) Although a court may take statistics reflecting these factors into consideration, "blind reliance on the percentage of nonpertinent calls intercepted [for example] is not a sure guide to the correct answer.
The thesis that praxis is the criterion of truth is theologically nonpertinent.
Hamburger's theory rejects as nonpertinent a large part of the phenomena analyzed by narratology.
Even though underwriters strive for impartiality - consistently trying to ignore race, religion and other nonpertinent factors - they are still human.