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But in the trivia in Volume 19 Issue 3 (April 2012) I was nonplussed by question 6.
Instead, indicated the statement, people were nonplussed by last night's disconcerting incident, prompting the Amiri Diwan to appeal to the public to steer clear of what might disrupt the course of the elections, by remaining true to the iron-clad bonds that all groups and tribes and sects in Kuwait share.
Max Boyce @ William Aston Hall, Wrexham (Friday) [bar] LIKE eating cawl from an upturned stove-pipe hat or doing bare-chested, drunken press-ups in front of a panda car full of nonplussed police officers on a Friday night, Max Boyce is as Welsh as Welsh can be.
But one resident living nearby was nonplussed by the drama.
Nonplussed shoppers looked on as Chantelle was plonked on top of the tree for a yuletide promotion at the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex (where else?
At least 10 angry punters missed their trains when Merseyrail staff closed its one ticket window for a "staff changeover" and directed nonplussed customers to a single ticket machine.
Though supportive of the race, Gary Moore is nonplussed when it comes to the concept.
Regardless of international pressure and intense work on behalf of Palestinians, both at the official and popular levels, the Israeli government remains nonplussed.
When the Post asked about the twig's provenance, store staff were nonplussed.
Asked whether he would like a bag for the eight items he had purchased in the express lane of a supermarket, he is nonplussed and doesn't know how to respond.
Much to her surprise, Annika is not only completely nonplussed by Kat's admission, but she reciprocates her feelings.
Obviously, I explained to the nonplussed newshounds, they had better do battle with their network overlords, who were keeping them in the dark, feeding them instead diversionary folderol (like giant pickles, Madonna's latest video, and the bedding practices of Hollywood celebs).