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And the very public scrutiny now surrounding Russian bombing of Turkmen rebels is totally debunking its declared mission of fighting ISIS, with the militant group a nonpresence in Latakia.
Some of the lawmakers were also unaware of the postponement of the session as they returned homes and offices after being informed about sudden postponement of the session due to nonpresence of the Speaker.
You can envision some folks early on adopting strategies for business and competitive purposes that would account differently the presence or nonpresence of these technologies.
For Derrida, presence can only appear against the background of nonpresence.
Hurst suggests Derrida proceeds via one "plural logic", arising from the nonpresence of any concept, contamination and refusal of choice from binary options.
There is a contradiction in Smithson's discussion, a contradiction faced by anyone who attempts to write about Hesse (and explored most deftly by Anne Wagner): the presence or nonpresence of the artist's "life" in her work.
the USAF becomes part of the system, and the system reacts to actions, nonactions, presence, nonpresence of this subsystem interface or element).
Derrida therefore strives to develop what Lawlor calls "the impossible system," that is, a view that insists on thinking nonpresence, openness to the other, while at the same time recognizing the inescapability of the demand for presence.
I, for example, cannot see how she "knows many, many dance lovers cannot bear to watch," as she is presumably of their number and therefore can hardly register either their presence or nonpresence.
We have a virtual nonpresence in the law schools and hopefully this will give us a presence," Levine said.
Long past the point where one could reasonably expect the return of her husband, who has undoubtedly drowned at sea, Marie clings to his nonpresence like a life raft.
Screened by the forest, Madison occupies not simply the position of the black lecturer on the abolitionist circuit, as critics have noted, but also the identity of a spirit who makes bis nonpresence known by a medium's proxy.