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And the nonpresence of Friday in Foe widens this subversion, revealing the work of colonial Christianity as still in transition, convulsed by the repetition of what it is attempting to subordinate in secret: the non-Christian other whose sacrifice cannot be openly acknowledged.
Perhaps the cyber arena proves this point more clearly than anything else as a result of its ubiquitous presence (or, paradoxically, its nonpresence in terms of physical domains), the evident inability to find it a home, and continuing questions and problems regarding how best to apportion authorities for wartime activities and those in conflicts short of war.
On this view, the inference from nonpresence to nonexistence fails for a different reason than on the first interpretation: here, the inference fails on the grounds that if something is not-F (incomplete use of einai) it does not follow that it is not simpliciter (complete use of einai).
The differences in the methodology used, the limited number of patients included, the presence of historical cohorts as a comparator, the varying dose of adenosine, and the presence or nonpresence of waiting time require extremely careful interpretation of the results.
Some recent idealized studies have shown that filamentation's potential detrimental impact on convection would be conditional on other factors, such as the amount of midlevel moisture, vertical wind shear impacts, and the presence or nonpresence of other convective forcing mechanisms (e.
And the very public scrutiny now surrounding Russian bombing of Turkmen rebels is totally debunking its declared mission of fighting ISIS, with the militant group a nonpresence in Latakia.
1 was observed, thus indicating a nonpresence of significant multicollinearity.
Some of the lawmakers were also unaware of the postponement of the session as they returned homes and offices after being informed about sudden postponement of the session due to nonpresence of the Speaker.
You can envision some folks early on adopting strategies for business and competitive purposes that would account differently the presence or nonpresence of these technologies.
Each news item was coded for the presence (1) or nonpresence (2) of an attribute directly linked to Russia.
16) It is his nonpresence in the real--not the reality he represents--that lets us into the Daltons' home, into Mary's room, into the furnace room; into Ernie's Kitchen Shack, Washington Park, from Paris Grill with Bessie and back to the Daltons' alone.
For Derrida, presence can only appear against the background of nonpresence.