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In many of the studies in the literature, determination of FHP on nonproducing adult animals is the basis for the calculation of minimum quantity of NE, which must be supplied to the animal to keep it in energy equilibrium (Chandramoni et al.
It began to shed, as best it could, its nonproducing inventory so it could ride out the storm when it hit.
Mack said the results show increased job growth for a number of nonproducing states that manufacture equipment needed for shale oil and gas production and transportation.
Waldron will reserve a 3% gross overridding royalty ( GORR ) in favour of Maple Leaf on all producing and nonproducing lands owned by the company;
Due to the nature of horizontal wells, nonproducing fluids in the horizontal sections can prevent the accurate identification of water-producing intervals.
8 4 4 9 industries (1) Residual (2) -- -- -- Notes: (1) Consist of nonproducing accounting categories to reconcile the Bureau of Economic Analysis input-output system with NIPA accounts.
This stems directly from the discretionary power that district judges have to "decide when a factor favors the requesting or nonproducing party and how important that factor should be in the court's analysis.
Remove nonproducing vegetable plants, loosen the garden soil and mix in a two-inch layer of organic compost.
17) Shell took some of its nonproducing oil properties (i.
The differential, sources said, indicates that Corcoran is choosier about the brokers it hires (or at least more likely to fire nonproducing brokers).
The team's observations are drawn from petri dish, soil tube, and plant-root experiments in which two CLP-producing Pseudomonas fluorescens strains--SBW25 and SS101--and two nonproducing mutant strains--17A8 and 10.