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Nonproductive time does not imply that the use of capacity is unnecessary; it simply means that the capacity is not generating revenues.
Similarly wellbeing is associated with minimisation of use of nonproductive coping strategies.
Total direct nursing labor costs were estimated by computing the number of hours worked in each category of productive and nonproductive labor.
Many newer units attempt to minimize the effect of the gilt herd on nonproductive days by use of a specialized building or area typically called a gilt breeding project.
The next year, on January 18, 1999, during a scheduled medical appointment for administration of intravenous (daunorubicin and vincristine) and intrathecal (methotrexate, cytarabine, and hydroxyurea) chemotherapy in addition to oral dexamethasone, the now 17-month-old girl again had nasal congestion and nonproductive cough.
On the other hand, legal expertise usually is not required to question nonproductive travel time.
elimination of nonproductive labor for cleaning hoppers, magazines, blow tubes and mixers;
Instead of merely separating acquired capacity into used and idle capacity, it goes further and separates used capacity into productive and nonproductive capacity and separates idle capacity into idle off-limits, idle marketable, and idle not-marketable capacities.
A positive relationship between academic stress and the use of nonproductive coping strategies was also revealed, suggesting that teaching the use of productive strategies and the avoidance of nonproductive strategies could help young people both cope with stress and reduce it.
Or consider this rebuttal to the insistence on heterosexual marriage because the purpose of marriage is to raise a family: "Were childbirth still the reason for marriage, then post-menopausal marriages would be illegal and nonproductive marriages could be annulled in secular fora.