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Let's be crass about the value of education and look at statistics relating education to the costs of nonproductivity.
Businesses lose another $100 million in wages, sick leave, absenteeism, and nonproductivity.
The author's experience (as former director of Cognitive Science Research at Bellcore and presently as Professor of Psychology at the University of Colorado) and his extensive research lend credibility to his assertion that problems with the usefulness and usability of computer design are the main reasons for the nonproductivity of computers in the workplace.
Peter Stitt points out that Warren often uses images of fierce brightness to symbolize "the purely abstract, the realm of infinity and eternity" and the nonproductivity and danger of the attempt to deal directly with this realm.
In a society where sickness is a sign of weakness, where nonproductivity is scorned, where the old are asked, `What good are you?
Drucker uses hospitals as the prime example of the nonproductivity of capital intensive investment and makes the point that, because of its dual labor and capital intensity, the hospital is not, from an economic point of view, viable economically.
America can no longer afford nonproductivity either.
It is also realistic to assume that nonproductivity is a major reason for employee termination.
This costs the United State billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses resulting from dependency and nonproductivity.
The cost of purchasing transactions can be sizable, but perhaps more importantly, the time lost in obtaining new software for employees or students can introduce periods of nonproductivity.