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However, residency as opposed to nonresidency with children is no longer influenced by living with a biological or stepfather at age 14 once controls for race and ethnicity are included in the analyses.
In terms of the background factors, Protestant religious affiliation is associated with early fatherhood relative to Catholic affiliation, but religious affiliation has no influence on residency versus nonresidency with children.
The presumption of nonresidency is irrebuttable unless the individual fails to timely file the required statement described above with the tax commissioner or makes a false statement.
The nonresidency presumption of the 2007 Bright-Line Residency Test does not apply with respect to an individual who is changing domicile to or from Ohio during the taxable year (i.
877 for the intervening period of nonresidency in the same fashion as a U.
residency period, an individual can eliminate the tax associated with foreign-source income attributable to the nonresidency period.
source income of certain individuals during their interim period of nonresidency if they were U.