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Thus, in light of 1) Sam's stated relational commitment to Hally; 2) his recognition of Hally's illnesses; 3) his recognition of the limitations of both his own ability to speak freely in an apartheid context and the boy's ability to recognize his continued thoughtlessness; 4) the influence of Tolstoy and his principle of Christian nonresistance in the play; and, finally, 5) the fact that Sam tells Hally after he has spit in his face, "You don't know what you've just done" (57), it seems appropriate to suggest that Sam, all the while, has chosen to imitate the man of magnitude who prayed, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34).
and Canada found themselves in the mainstream of society, working even as lawyers and judges and serving in various offices of responsibility, prompting a reconsideration of traditional Anabaptist models of nonresistance, withdrawal, and countercultural criticism.
Later, such groups as the Anabaptists, Quakers, Moravians, Dukhobors and Mennonites made nonresistance a doctrinal position.
Though Paddy Huddleston was not brought to say it, Wagiman during their time of nonresistance were people who could but 'sorry for' their country.
This intelligentsia now suffers from its own version of the Vichy syndrome, the amnesia from which French society (including the left-wing intelligentsia) suffered for many years, whose purpose was to disguise from itself the extent of its own complicity with, or nonresistance to, the Nazi occupation.
Among the important tenets of the Mennonite faith, though, are a church made only of believers; the rejection of infant baptism; the rejection of the doctrine of the efficacy of the Sacraments; an emphasis on a holy life characterized by separation from the state and pacifism; an emphasis on mutuality and equality; and taking seriously Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, particularly its teachings regarding humility, nonresistance, and favor to the poor.
The tradition-minded or Old Order Amish rejected industrial society and opted for simplicity, nonconformity, nonresistance, and nonviolence.
On the matter of coercion he held to a strict nonresistance that separated true Christians from the use of force and the holding of magisterial office.
Despite all this, acceptance, in one guise or another, has a certain appeal which may lie in its promotion of a kind of nonresistance to that which we cannot change.
where individuals relish the driving clash of two football giants, the idea of nonresistance in a competitive situation is abhorred.
In light of evidence on the injuir preventing effectiveness of victim gun use, in some cases where the absence of victim injury is credited to either nonresistance or some unarmed form of resistance, the absence of injury may have actually been due to resistance with a gun, which the victim failed to mention to the interviewer.
Greasy skin connotes nonresistance to the real--skin made oily by the only atmosphere the modern woman knows: office air systems that circulate illness and the mild anxiety, fueled by gossip, that is office life.