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Their roles and responsibilities preclude them from a straightforward manifestation of Christ's nonresistant love for the enemy They serve to protect the innocent from harm, and risk their own spiritual brokenness for the sake of others.
For example, chloroquine-resistant parasites may be more fit for reproduction in certain anopheline mosquitoes than nonresistant strains (14).
As citizens living in a powerful "Christian" empire, the martyr stories caution Mennonites against temptations to justify violence in the name of Christ; they witness to the possibility of nonviolence and "enemy love" even in the most extreme circumstances; and they call Mennonites to a life of compassion and humility, while reminding them that nonresistant love is not likely to be rewarded.
The newest blight-resistant tomato variety, Fantasio, was grown alongside the nonresistant Ailsa Craig and while the latter was worst affected, with up to half the developing fruit damaged.
Nonlethal weapons were designed to disable noncompliant criminals, not to herd nonresistant crowds.
McNitt observed that the study didn't differentiate between MRSA and the nonresistant strain because, "they are the same bacterium.
The experimenter instructed the teachers on when to be resistant and when to be nonresistant in the program.
30) In my early essay on Yoder, "The Nonresistant Church: The Theological Ethics of John Howard Yoder" (the essay Stout likes), I criticized Yoder for not providing a theory of legitimacy by which states can be judged.
This had the effect of coding all self-reported vaccinees as nonresistant because only those who reported that they had not received vaccination were asked reasons for remaining unvaccinated.
Tibor noted that one patient with an apparently nonresistant strain had a severe outcome.
In mosquitoes, the genetic mechanism that confers resistance to DDT does not usually come at any great competitive "cost"--that is, when no DDT is being sprayed, the resistant mosquitoes may do just about as well as nonresistant mosquitoes.
Presiding Judge Takeshi Okahara said the defendant ''unilaterally assaulted the nonresistant victim'' and the plaintiffs' ''despair and anger are beyond description.