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This study is not able to identify the reasons for these associations; further investigation into the causes of nonretention in pediatric HIV care is needed.
There are two types of donations: retention and nonretention.
177(c) ("[A] school district may place a tenured teacher on layoff status only after the district has given notice of nonretention to all nontenured teachers.
I can remember just a few years ago when getting under 1 second was rare, even from a nonretention holster.
197) One safeguard for privacy might include the nonretention of information after a specified period of time.
But short of reviewing individual state jurisdictions and their performance matrixes for aberrations, because the performance evaluations rarely recommend nonretention, it's difficult to weigh their value to voters.
As one letter-writer on the subject pointed out, there has been no instance of nonretention in Florida.
If you succeed and are assigned to a high-profile case--always a possibility for any judge--or if you make rulings you believe are legally correct but end up being heavily scrutinized or controversial, you and your personal life may become the subject of articles and editorials in the press, or you could end up being targeted by one or more special-interest groups for nonretention.
The panel concluded that "the benefits to the teacher of a statement of reasons for nonretention were so substantial and the inconvenience to the school board so slight that due process required it.
Retention elections are designed to minimize the risk of nonretention, by stripping elections of features that might inspire voters to become interested enough to oust incumbents.
Do any company manuals or policies address the retention or nonretention of this information?
Studies show that celibacy is the main obstacle to male young activists' deciding to become priests and the prime reason for nonretention of seminarians and the already ordained.