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1; 48 by 40-inch pallets in a dry environment ([less than or equal to]19% equilibrium moisture content), multiple-use, new manufacture, double-face nonreversible partial four-way stringer pallet and double-face nonreversible full four-way block pallet.
Knetsch, The Endowment Effect and Evidence of Nonreversible Indifference Curves, in CHOICES, VALUES, AND FRAMES 171 (Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky eds.
The Air Force should continue research into understanding the parameters of laser effects on FPAs, to include types of damage caused by different types of lasers, pulsed versus continuous, degradation versus destruction, reversible versus nonreversible, and disruptive effects as a function of power.
Manufacturers started using the ingredient 2,3-pentanedione (PD) when another butter flavoring, diacetyl, was found to cause bronchiolitis obliterans, a life-threatening and nonreversible lung disease in workers who inhaled the substance.
The approval letter ofthe HUD designates the Total Artificial Heart for use in US patients "at risk of imminent death from nonreversible biventricular heart failure who are not eligible for cardiac transplant and have a body surface area (BSA) of >_1.
However, for discrete-time nonlinear control systems, simple bilinear nonreversible examples exist, demonstrating that the system may be single-experiment unobservable but multi-experiment observable [2] (see also a more complicated example in [5]).
They identified exercise-induced asthma in 35%, with an additional 12% diagnosed with asthma, 5% with nonreversible obstruction, vocal chord dysfunction in 10%, and 24% with no specific diagnosis identified.
Others revealed that birth control is not forbidden, in contrast to nonreversible ones such as tubal ligation, which are considered unlawful (Mughees, 2006; Alamah, 2008).
Persistent pain and nonreversible digital discoloration in a patient with Raynaud's phenomenon are indicators of critical ischemia constituting a medical emergency.
An alternative explanation for a rest defect is a region of nonreversible perfusion.
For severe spasticity that doesn't respond well to anything else, physicians may offer nerve blockers and nonreversible surgical procedures.
Less obvious complications seen in HIT only are PE, MI, DVT, platelet decrease, and nonreversible deficits (Francis & Drexler, 2005).