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Although pain is the key feature marking a critical ischemic event, nonreversible discoloration is another indication.
Note that in Hornstein and Praschnik (1997) investment decisions are nonreversible.
Knetsch, The Endowment Effect and Evidence of Nonreversible Indifference Curves, 79 AM.
For nonreversible eye surface problems (eg dry eyes) implant based procedures are often preferred.
Intrinsic risk factors can be subdivided into nonreversible factors (sex, family history, past history, size of notch and ligament) and potentially reversible factors (landing and movement patterns, muscle weakness).
Pre-existing history of cardiac disease was defined as either an abnormal treadmill report (any exercise-induced ischaemia), nuclear medicine study (any chemically induced ischaemia or levidence of reversible or nonreversible ischaemia), or coronary angiogram (ejection fraction <40%, evidence of prior infarction, or coronary artery stenosis or occlusion); prior myocardial infarction; history of congestive heart failure; or arrhythmia requiring treatment, preceding the current hospital admission.
Although cognitive dysfunction is reversible in HF, it is apparent that sustained reduction in cardiac output may lead to permanent, nonreversible cognitive impairment when the hypoperfusion state reaches its neural threshold, called the "ischemic penumbra" (Heiss, 2000; Saita et al.
A water-to-water nonreversible heat pump is customized based on the calculated variable space conditioning and DHW heating loads.
When I talk with a potential candidate for Essure tubal occlusion, our discussion is much the same as it would be for tubal ligation: The patient must desire permanent, nonreversible contraception.
A stout, nonreversible clip carries the Sebenza tip-up.
The general assumption is that acid moisture evaporates on the surface, concentrating acidity, thereby decomposing the coating and leaving a nonreversible ring, or water spot, on the surface.
To that end, Safe-T-Vue is a nonreversible temperature indicator that changes color from white to red when blood reaches 10[degrees] C.