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Using the table above, decide whether each one is a scientific question or a nonscientific question.
BEIRUT: Lebanon's private sector shot back Tuesday at an intensified civil society campaign to more than double the minimum wage, calling it "arbitrary, nonscientific and illogical.
He clearly loathed nonscientific explanations, and considered them to arise out of intellectual weakness.
These bills propose that the limited hours of science instruction be watered down with presentations of nonscientific materials.
They are carried out on a nonscientific basis on behalf of clients with whose products they often have the most tentative connections or even none at all.
In the last decade there has been a tremendous increase in the use of nonscientific medical therapies in the US and some other countries.
By contrast, almost one-third of the graduates had gone on for advanced degrees in nonscientific fields, such as law or business.
While its partisans do not identify who the designer is, they offer a supernatural explanation for natural phenomena, which is an essentially nonscientific approach--untested and indeed untestable.
The existence of nonscientific motives does not tell us which side is right; only careful consideration of the evidence can do that.
The Scirus search filters out nonscientific sites, locating peer-reviewed articles (including PDF and PostScript files often invisible to other search engines) and tapping databases of scientific, technical, and medical journals, including access-controlled sites that other search engines don't index.