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Next, he drew attention to certain "scientific misstatements" made to my nonscientific audience.
Using the table above, decide whether each question is scientific or nonscientific. Mark scientific questions with an S and nonscientific questions with an N.
And his admittedly nonscientific conclusion was that "the members of the wine industry are not purveyors of poison, as the antialcohol lobby groups would have us believe, but actually delayers of death and will help you to die young as late as possible."
Summary: Lebanon's private sector shot back Tuesday at an intensified civil society campaign to more than double the minimum wage, calling it "arbitrary, nonscientific and illogical."
"Though we have a strong R&D base in India, it is negated by cumbersome processes and hijacked by nonscientific issues," said Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD of Biocon, India's top biotherapeutics firm.
agricultural products in China, with beef and pork producers standing to benefit from the elimination of those nonscientific trade barriers.
The encyclopedia contains 124 entries spanning scientific and nonscientific pursuits, from chemistry, biology, psychology, and medicine to religion, the occult, and paranormal activities.
Students explore the complex art of translating scientific jargon for nonscientific audiences and examining media coverage of the environment in the third-year course "Environment and Communication." Meanwhile, others study the ecological consequences and potentials of farming at local, national and global scales in another third-year course, "Ecological Agriculture."
These bills propose that the limited hours of science instruction be watered down with presentations of nonscientific materials.
They are carried out on a nonscientific basis on behalf of clients with whose products they often have the most tentative connections or even none at all.
In the last decade there has been a tremendous increase in the use of nonscientific medical therapies in the US and some other countries.
In such chapters as "Burying More than Intelligence on Our Security" and "When Good Science is the Endangered Species," Shulman succeeds at making the cold, hard facts accessible to the average (nonscientific) reader.