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BEIRUT: Lebanon's private sector shot back Tuesday at an intensified civil society campaign to more than double the minimum wage, calling it "arbitrary, nonscientific and illogical.
He clearly loathed nonscientific explanations, and considered them to arise out of intellectual weakness.
While its partisans do not identify who the designer is, they offer a supernatural explanation for natural phenomena, which is an essentially nonscientific approach--untested and indeed untestable.
The existence of nonscientific motives does not tell us which side is right; only careful consideration of the evidence can do that.
McClain said that rivers are included on the annual list ``based on a combination of scientific and nonscientific data we gather from the community, agencies and other local groups.
The nonscientific suspicion here is that the latter group, whose voice and concerns have been given unusually serious and sympathetic attention in the current pontificate, is relatively small.
Effect: Nonscientific, technical and other specialized experts, such as CPAs, also are subject to judges' determination of evidentiary reliability.
His point is that scientists must make judgments when interpreting a body of evidence, and these judgments may be influenced by personal beliefs and nonscientific considerations, such as the trustworthiness of official exposure estimates.
Homeowners and sometimes city officials often choose trees for nonscientific reasons--availability or price, perhaps.
In sum, Guide to Space serves as an excellent primer for nonscientific readers.
The nonscientific world of everyday life in the United States marches to a different drummer.