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In the first place," said the Rector, looking rather grave, "it would be nonsensical to expect that I could convince Brooke, and make him act accordingly.
returned the surprised Guardian of the Gates; "what a nonsensical idea
As a companion, Anne honestly acknowledged nobody could be so satisfactory as Gilbert; she was very glad, so she told herself, that he had evidently dropped all nonsensical ideas -- though she spent considerable time secretly wondering why.
It was deucedly unpleasant, he decided, this being peppered at; and nonsensical as it really was, it was none the less deadly serious.
No matter how baffling she was, there was no nonsensical silliness about her.
Each villa faced you in the sunshine with the horrid glare of new red brick, and forced its nonsensical name on your attention, traced in bright paint on the posts of its entrance gate.
I will look you up some girls also, if I can find a sensible one who is not spoilt by her nonsensical education.
So Society jabbered its poor, nonsensical little jargon, and got itself politely out of the way before the storm came.
It was all so nonsensical, I never could make out her actions.
If you cough in the passage before you open the door, or whistle carelessly, or hum a tune, or something of that sort, to let them know you're coming, it's always better; because, of course, though it's not only natural but perfectly correct and proper under the circumstances, still it is very confusing if you interrupt young people when they are--when they are sitting on the sofa, and--and all that sort of thing: which is very nonsensical, perhaps, but still they will do it.
She thinks it must have been a nonsensical piece of woman's fancy, and puts her frying-pan into the fire again.
There were also some sound remarks as to the danger of nonsensical notions and the disadvantages of a quick temper.