nonsensical language

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Continue reading "Is the Nonsensical Language in 'Gulliver's Travels' (Like 'Yahoo') Derived From Hebrew?
The author finds in Lope de Ruedas use of malapropisms and epithets, and in the physical slapstick of the commedia dell'arte, the anti-hierarchical models of ironically nonsensical language in Cantinflas.
He said in a statement that the ministers children's stupid thinking and use of nonsensical language regarding the Armed Forces of Pakistan and concerned institutions reflected the mentality of their parents, to say to the extent on the facebook in such poisonous statement that the Pakistan Army was responsible for upbringing the Talibaan and inciting India and this army which had derailed democracy should be screwed otherwise this army would crush this country Pakistan under its weight.
Nonsensical Language Games in Shaw, Coward, and Pinter," analyzes the way that these three playwrights challenged authority and the forced standardization of the English language in Britain (and its colonies) in the early twentieth century.
THERE'LL be some nonsensical language spoken at home after this show
It is flawed and the reason is because, to use their own nonsensical language, "We've always made clear that Nama will operate in line with EU commission guidelines, which set out the use of the long-term economic value measurement".
Being inAmerica,we naturally had to put upwith people talking in a bizarre, nonsensical language.
Her report was largely criticised by opposition politicians and teachers leaders for its nonsensical language, far detached from any sort of plain English.
The fad this year is Furbies - the 6ins high cuddly toys which speak a nonsensical language and retail at pounds 29.
If the nonsensical language of the bankers has polluted daily conversation in these weeks of woe, we have also been allowed glimpses of the poetic beauty of the English language.