nonsensical talk

See: jargon, prattle
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Let's stop all the nonsensical talk that says all the political parties are the same.
Indeed, the future of providing health care in an economically restrained era lies in rigorous analysis and research, not in nonsensical talk of energy fields unknown to science or commonsense.
Come to think of it, even with his non- stop nonsensical talk, Mr Yadav, I must admit, had rather become the life of the trip.
Let's have no more of this nonsensical talk of an Old Firm exodus; all parties would do better to accept that they're stuck with each other and focus on making the Scottish League more profitable for everyone.
With City now closer to the bottom three again, rather than the top six, those last three defeats should have finally put paid to such nonsensical talk for another season.
Stop all this nonsensical talk about how Enda will grow into the job when he gets it.
So why do we get this nonsensical talk from Rhodri Morgan and others saying Wales cannot stand alone?
Forget the nonsensical talk of increased profits by the large companies on a selective comparison between the dark days of the immediate post- National lottery introduction and the subsequent gradual recovery to its current state.
There was some nonsensical talk of an open-air bout against Marco Antonio Barrera but more likely, profitable and dangerous would be a battle with WBA and IBF champion Juan Manuel Marquez or Manny Pacquaio.
But for all their nonsensical talk of "integrated transport policies", for most people there is no alternative to using the car.