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When the phone rang at 10:45, nonsensically, Xiomara thought it was Wilfred, who of course didn't have her phone number.
Augustine's The Literal Meaning of Genesis in which the great bishop suggests that Christians would do well to refrain from talking nonsensically about science to nonbelievers who know it well, as this may convince those nonbelievers that the Bible itself is likewise untrustworthy.
That would nonsensically impose a higher standard on nonprohibited actions (e.
3 ( ANI ): Egyptian prosecutors are investigating allegations that a puppet that speaks nonsensically in an ad for a multinational phone company was sending coded instructions to Islamic terrorists.
It's a radical call to deconstruct the traditional mindsets we are nonsensically acquainted with.
He moves from this favourable interpretation of his surroundings to nonsensically find "tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,/Sermons in stones, and good in everything" (16-17).
Foul-mouthed PewDiePie jabbers nonsensically to the fans he calls "bros" primarily about videogames in a voice that reminds you of a young Bobcat Goldthwait between hits of nitrous oxide.
But his adulation from all corners of the ground - even the Swansea end, nonsensically, after his Vetch loan spell - pointed towards this being his day.
Bear with me dear readers, or if you find this too nonsensically imaginative, move on to the sweeter pleasures of cyber world.
Elsewhere, unions have ensured that class-size limits nonsensically apply to online schools.
Onlookers may note that the person: is driving erratically or unusually slow; appears drunk or drugged; talks or responds verbally nonsensically or has slow and slurred speech; appears disoriented; or that the person has slowed reflexes or a lack of balance and coordination.
Fenton also nonsensically claims that his editorial strategy "at least .