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Onlookers may note that the person: is driving erratically or unusually slow; appears drunk or drugged; talks or responds verbally nonsensically or has slow and slurred speech; appears disoriented; or that the person has slowed reflexes or a lack of balance and coordination.
This patch of cells, in the fusiform gyrus, doesn't respond as strongly to letters arranged nonsensically and ignores words spoken aloud.
Another music video called "Dak Almani" randomly and nonsensically juxtaposes Google images with words in the song to produce an amusing result.
leased assets," (17) which is very common in conjunction with a leasing business, such a business would nonsensically be a financial institution under the proposed regulations.
The dialogue these characters speak is mostly in Kurdish, with touches of Arabic and occasional dabs of English picked up from television--especially by Satellite, who, not without some justice, nonsensically translates any and all news as "It will rain tomorrow: this is a code.
Andy later nonsensically describes himself as a BILF (work it out) and says his perfect woman would be fit and deaf- deaf people, he reasons, have extra taste buds and "wouldn't be able to get enough of my meat".
For example, the Gramercy Park has a line of units nonsensically called "Union Square at Gramercy Park.
Despite being the team with all the pedigree and experience of winning Ulster titles, Armagh were nonsensically written-off, as too much credence was given to Down's exploits last summer.
Despite opening with older tracks like the nonsensically danceable Terra Firma and the catchy Weekends and Bleak Days, this was a decent showcase for their new record, Ornaments From The Silver Arcade.
Last year, Pope Benedict XI nonsensically posited that condom use "increases the problem" because he inaccurately said it leads to risky behavior.
Nor was my mood lightened by the main course I chose from a section of the menu that was nonsensically entitled "avant garde".
And, in the coveted Frankie Avalon role is no other than a half-baked Snoop Dogg, who carries on how he wants to "kiss her, touch her, squeeze her buns" (smooth) and nonsensically rhymes, "bikinis, zucchinis, martinis, no weenies.