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Although both groups answered that joint discussion after inquiries (developing collaboration) was the ideal style of consultation (specialists: 63.7%, nonspecialists: 52.4%), the nonspecialist group preferred joint discussion early on (active collaboration, nonspecialists: 26.1%, specialists: 21.7%).
Given that some strategic groups are not service dependent, and that, as shown in Figure 1, service-dependent groups need to manage supplier power, we should expect all groups to do some sourcing from nonspecialist suppliers (Caves, 2000).
(Exactly when it is better to proceed with nonspecialist
Extensively researched, the endnotes are kept to a minimum; those who want further information may consult them, but nonspecialists will not be put off.
Given that his intended readership is primarily nonspecialists in medieval philosophy, his hesitancy with helpful punctuation makes some technical portions of the text obscure to his target readership.
Cooper makes it quite clear in Mysterious Music: Rhythm and Free Verse (1998), that he collected his data mechanically and simplified the presentation for the nonspecialist. He does present the raw data, a fact I failed to acknowledge.
The history of mirror neuron research is short enough to be clearly described for the nonspecialist reader, and its future exciting enough to attract anyone interested in human interaction.
FRESH from the second longest leap of her life, Olympic heptathlon medalist Kelly Sotherton turns to two of her nonspecialist events at the Midlands championships tomorrow.
Mann, a writer for Science and The Atlantic, wrote 1491 to present to nonspecialist readers discoveries made in recent decades by historians, archeologists, biologists, and ethnologists studying the indigenous peoples of the Americas.
Kabbalah: The Mystic Quest In Judaism by David Ariel (0742545644, $17.95) is the first book to provide an intellectual focus on Kabbalah, providing a scholarly study of Jewish mysticism suitable for the nonspecialist as well as the Jewish thinker.
Research Articles for which nonspecialist summaries (Science Selections) have been prepared are identified as such with a small red arrow.
His idea is for a limited launch that could bridge the gap between strictly supervised clinical trials and releasing a drug to the public--when it can often be prescribed by nonspecialist physicians.