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Researchers studied various diagnostic tests to differentiate nonspecific reactions.
10,11 Symptoms of pericardial effusion are nonspecific, and few patients have classic presentation of tamponade.
10 However, these clinical guidelines are contradictory in practice to prescribing patient specific exercise11 that varies according to the individual assessment of the clinician and imply nonspecific general exercise to be prescribed to every low back patient without considering the individual clinical sign.
Persistent nonspecific musculoskeletal pains are frequently seen in medical and chiropractic clinics.
Out of the 40 patients included in the study, 16 (40%) had LE nonspecific lesions, all of whom had features of SLE as well.
Caption: Examples of nonspecific reactivity of polyclonal Napsin A (p-Napsin A) antibody in mucinous adenocarcinomas of various extrapulmonary sites, as confirmed by completely negative staining with monoclonal Napsin A (m-Napsin A) antibody (A through F).
This examination revealed that measles, BCG, and vaccinia (smallpox) vaccines all seem to have nonspecific effects that are beneficial, reducing death rates from a wide range of infectious disease, while DPT can increase risk of females" dying from infections other than the three
1), (11) Although they are nonspecific, bibasilar crackles are the cardinal feature on respiratory examination.
The 2007 Joint Clinical Practice Guideline issued by the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society encourages clinicians to perform a focused history and physical exam to classify patients into 1 of 3 broad categories: nonspecific low back pain (LBP), LBP potentially associated with radiculopathy or spinal stenosis, or LBP potentially associated with another specific spinal cause.
The question for this study was the following: What is the association of nonspecific behaviors with the incidence of cerebral vasospasm?
The study's authors conclude that antihistamines are not beneficial for acute cough or colds in children, nor do they help children with chronic nonspecific coughs.
Moreover, the use of antihistamines for nonspecific cough "has to be balanced against the well-known risk of adverse events, especially in very young children," they said.