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Denisoff and Endler (2000) and Shatford and Evans (1986) are among those who have discussed the relationship between stress, general nonspiritual coping styles, and bulimia; researchers have not yet investigated the relationship between stress, spiritual coping styles, and bulimic symptoms.
Another guru, the creator of the international Anusara yoga empire, was accused in March of decidedly nonspiritual financial and sexual practices.
As a condition, Austin LifeCare must divide their curriculum into spiritual and nonspiritual tracks.
Nonetheless, the approach is still dualistic because it assumes that spiritual interventions are somehow separable from the nonspiritual interventions of psychology and medicine.
Another nonadaptive approach argues that spirituality is a functionless by-product of cognitive processes that are themselves adaptive in nonspiritual contexts.
The hard issues concern goods that resemble secular goods but that have distinctive elements (is the "clearing" of Scientologists with e-meters sufficiently like nonspiritual psychological counseling?
For me this presupposition precluded a critical analysis of spirituality itself as a phenomenon in social work practice and neglected the crucial question of what it might mean for a nonspiritual social worker to integrate spirituality into his or her practice.
Was I just getting in the mood, or was there something nonspiritual afoot?
Attempts to build politics on the principles of individual autonomy and personal self-interest seem to envision the human person as essentially nonspiritual and self-centered.
Rational Recovery: Rational Recovery embodies the nonspiritual, individualized approach to alcohol recovery.
Many states recognized lay trustees as the legal administrators of parishes and church law did not forbid lay participation in the nonspiritual aspects of parish life so long as the bishop retained the power to appoint and remove pastors.
rejected the rational, nonspiritual, material values of science and manhood, and starting being attracted to more mystical, emotional, human values.