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15) Dietrich von Hildebrand called this tender affectivity, affectivity in which the heart is necessarily involved, in contrast to bodily feelings or affective reactions of a nonspiritual nature.
A convenience sample of LIFE Project, a 2010 35 AA women, age 25-64 church-based was recruited from two weight-loss churches intervention, 10- week intervention Final sample n= 28 Nonspiritual group: n=9 Spiritual: n=19 Rickel et al.
The questions 10 through 17 measure the worldviews about nonspiritual matters and the answers to these questions range from on a scale from 1 (totally disagree) to 5 (totally agree).
The state controlled supportive measures for treating the minorities' rights for practicing their religion and right to the secular as well as the religious education and then implementing educational systems based on religion by linking the relationships among the cultural as well as Islamic influences and Nonspiritual Education.
The legal term to denote apostasy from Orthodoxy, sovrashchenie (seduction or corruption), equated heresy with sexual temptation and thus cast the crime as nonspiritual in nature.
The opposite is true for nonreligious and nonspiritual views of death.
The most researched type of meditation is a nonspiritual, mantra-based approach known as transcendental meditation (Sedlmeier et al.
Function 1 also could be described as a nonspiritual dimension, given the negative structure coefficient for Essential Self (-.
The two most popular mantra meditation programs, Transcendental Meditation[R] (TM) and the Relaxation Response[R], were first employed using nonspiritual mantras.
Denisoff and Endler (2000) and Shatford and Evans (1986) are among those who have discussed the relationship between stress, general nonspiritual coping styles, and bulimia; researchers have not yet investigated the relationship between stress, spiritual coping styles, and bulimic symptoms.
In contrast to the metaphysical aspirations of the Abstract Expressionist painters whom he admired when he arrived in New York in the late 1950s, Humphrey's territory was secular and nonspiritual.
As a condition, Austin LifeCare must divide their curriculum into spiritual and nonspiritual tracks.