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(8) Nevertheless, both the disproportionate amount of material representing particular dialect areas of New England and a low number of tokens retrieved for the nonstandard usages of allomorphs under discussion hinder the assessment of a plausible degree of local variation within the region of New England in terms of the discussed phenomenon.
Current research generally concludes that working nonstandard hours and shifting schedules lead to worse physical and emotional well-being for workers, increasing the possibility of negative effects on their children, including behavior problems, obesity, delayed cognitive function, and lower rates of school readiness.
-An investigation of family characteristics that may explain the links between nonstandard work and children's and parents' health, thereby identifying potential policy levers
Nonstandard and Contingent Employment: Contrasts by Job Type, Industry, and Occupation.
nonstandard auto have grown steadily from $12 billion in 2014 to $14.7 billion in 2017 and $15 billion in the first six months of 2018, A.M.
Working both types of schedules--standard and nonstandard--led to more childcare instability and subsidy instability compared to mothers who worked jobs with only nonstandard hours or jobs with only standard hours.
Kemper said the combined company will have a more diversified portfolio with approximately USD 2.2bn in nonstandard auto insurance premiums, an expanded customer reach through deeper agency relationships and greater efficiencies.
Other research on the impact of shift work on adults' physical and emotional stamina, Leibbrand said, suggests that parents who work nonstandard schedules may be under more stress and sometimes have less energy, or "psychological capital" to meet their child's needs.
So, I told Mary, lets just agree that "schwouldja" and "irregardless" are nonstandard words that have much better cousins who can do the job more capably.
Smaller, less sophisticated writers that lack the technology to prevent or detect fraudulent claims are at a competitive disadvantage compared to larger peers that write standard and nonstandard coverage nationally.
But Mickens [11] discussed some difficulties of applying the nonstandard modeling rules in the actual construction of exact finite difference scheme for the MKdV equation.
These efficiency gains free attorneys for higher-value negotiations, nonstandard matters and in-sourcing of work formerly assigned to outside counsel.