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Smaller, less sophisticated writers that lack the technology to prevent or detect fraudulent claims are at a competitive disadvantage compared to larger peers that write standard and nonstandard coverage nationally.
To address this gap in the literature, this study used data from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study to empirically test whether child care subsidy receipt among urban working mothers with children in non-parental care differs depending on whether they reported working a nonstandard or standard schedule.
Catherine Lundy, Karen Roberts, and Douglas Becker, nonstandard employment is considered problematic by unions because it "allows employers to pass on to workers the economic insecurity associated with changing product markets, new technologies, and the business cycle.
They also reported lower levels of delinquent behavior and there was no advantage when the father worked a nonstandard schedule and the mother worked 9 to 5, Hendrix added.
When the Panel on Audit Effectiveness--a group established in 1998 at the request of the SEC--issued its exposure draft of recommendations to improve audit quality in May 2000, the report highlighted nonstandard journal entries.
While selecting the relatively "vernacular" correspondence for analysis, heed has been paid to the following: a given soldier's/person's biographical data, unorthodox spellings, nonstandard grammatical features as well as relatively frequent apologetic remarks concerning the "bad righting" which indicate that the letters "might have been produced by less literate writers who did not have recourse to the help of amanuenses (.
Working nonstandard hours is less a choice of employees and more a mandate of employers.
Nonstandard kanji characters are often found in names of people and places as well as literary works.
On the third attempt of a nonstandard maneuver, the Seahawk rapidly diverged in yaw, driving the AFGS into an acceleration control mode vice the normal rate control mode.
Nonstandard refers to any work arrangement other than a full-time wage and salary job.