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These laws recognize that the economic, cultural, and social role of subsistence fishing and hunting is not uniform across Alaska: federal law limits eligibility to rural residents, and state law, while allowing all state residents to participate, requires the identification of nonsubsistence areas where subsistence fishing and hunting are not permitted.
The update was prepared for a reconsideration of the boundaries of Alaska's nonsubsistence areas--areas where subsistence does not play a principal economic and sociocultural role.
The Alaska Legislature should repeal the nonsubsistence zones statute because it denies .
11) With no rural priority in place, a weak subsistence priority, and nonsubsistence zones barring subsistence access, rural Alaskans face diminished subsistence access while commercial and sport interests continue to harvest fish and wildlife in nonsubsistence zones.
Its purpose is twofold: to create and distribute the material goods and services necessary to the material well-being of the populace, and, beyond this, to create the surplus wealth necessary for the various kinds of nonsubsistence cultural endeavors--music, art, scholarship, sport--that are the very hallmarks of urban culture.
Here, I will mention the most important of these nonsubsistence changes.
Easy as it is to poke fun at nonsubsistence hunters' excesses, all humans are irredeemably part of a predator-prey web of life.
31) This should not strike us as surprising even if we view indoor consumption to be more of a subsistence nature and thus not very price responsive; there is little reason to believe that such a lack of price responsiveness would carry over to the outdoor component which likely contributes to utility in a nonsubsistence fashion.
of food, they clearly lacked the leisure hours for nonsubsistence activities
Moreover, federal courts have interpreted ANILCA's subsistence priority as requiring "meaningful priority" for "customary and traditional uses," so that subsistence uses must be "provided first and that nonsubsistence uses be regulated in such a manner as to have the least adverse impact on subsistence.
The federal government explained that the short length of the advance season in GMU 15A was motivated by its desire "to prevent conflict with a state-regulated nonsubsistence bow-and-arrow hunt which runs from August 10 through August 17.
67) State law referring to nonsubsistence traditional activities gives very little guidance about the timeframe the legislature envisioned: traditional recreational activities in state parks and traditional outdoor activities on other state lands are those that have been done "historically" for long enough to have become "part of an individual, family, or community life pattern.