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A broad term for any of several ways to terminate a legal action without an actual determination of the controversy on the merits.

For instance, a judgment of nonsuit may be granted against a plaintiff who either fails to pursue, or abandons, the action.

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n. a ruling by the judge in a lawsuit either when the plaintiff (the party who filed the suit) does not proceed to trial at the appointed time or has presented all his/her/its evidence and, in the judge's opinion, there is no evidence which could prove the plaintiff's case. A nonsuit terminates the trial at that point, and results in a dismissal of the plaintiff's case and judgment for the defendant. (See: dismissal)

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an order of a judge dismissing a suit when the plaintiff fails to show he has a good cause of action or fails to produce any evidence.
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Kim would not be barred from nonsuiting. Therefore, before ruling on Ms.
"Obviously, this rule is designed to prevent a plaintiff from nonsuiting a case and refiling in an effort to engage in judge shopping," Holmes said.
After nonsuiting other claims, the only remaining claim was informed consent.