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The failure of one individual to provide financial maintenance for another individual in spite of a legal obligation to do so.

Nonsupport of a spouse or child is a crime in some states and a ground for Divorce in certain jurisdictions.


Child Support.

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Galvan, who heads the PNP-IAS inspection and audit division, pointed out that the nonsupport cases fell under the category of violence against women and children.
The question is whether the infinite [[omega].sup.*]-Rademacher theorem can be localized to those Lipschitz mappings from a closed convex set C admitting nonempty nonsupport point set N(C) to the dual space of a separable Banach space.
This can occur, for instance, when the parent does not wish to be found in fear that his or her wages will be garnished to pay child-support obligations in arrears or face criminal nonsupport charges.
In the United Kingdom, a phenomenological study about the experiences of SNs in final placement in nursing school included a feeling of ill preparation, "being used as an extra pair of hands," a sense of not knowing what they didn't know, and feelings of nonsupport (Morrell & Ridgway, 2014).
Apple Association added its nonsupport for the apples, commenting that it had not heard customers calling for a non-browning GE apple and noting that costs to the industry in the form of labeling and marketing efforts necessary to differentiate conventional vs.
* Increased court discretion in child support cases by sealing nonsupport convictions and allowing limited driving privileges for nonsupport cases;
The first one was related to the treatment consideration section, Nonsupport (NON), where the Greeks obtained 16 points lower than the Americans, and the second one was the Warmth (WRM) scale, related to personality traits, which was 10 points lower in the Greek standardization sample compared to the U.S.
The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reported Friday that sheriff's deputies believe the suburban Cincinnati couple indicted this week on charges of nonsupport of dependents have left their home with their two other children.
Chief Ernesto Armijo was convicted of nonsupport of an ex-wife and two sons, and a condition of his probation prohibits possession of firearms.
But Merry then sees him as a flat-out failure in his second term with his mismanagement of the Korean War, a conflict that might have been avoided by a clear and consistent policy of either support or nonsupport for South Korea before 1950.
Again and again, we hear criticism about our so-called "focus on Africa" and about the court being an "anti-African Court." Anti-ICC elements, who often have personal reasons for trying to discredit the court, have been working very hard to damage the court and its work by lobbying for nonsupport, with complete disregard for legal arguments.
There was never a vote that would reveal the degree of support or nonsupport for the organization's membership policy.