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Our previous method was the quantitative haplotyping of PCR products based on nonsynchronous pyrosequencing [9] and is more complex for the simple analysis of a sample from a single diploid organism.
(9) Some studies do address the issue of nonsynchronous trading, such as Jiang et al.
Into this already fertile ground, ripe for creative clashes of nonsynchronous temporalities, Cervantes introduces the rustic, clown prince Sancho Panza, an illiterate peasant who cultivates the earth for a living, and who possesses an embodied sense of temporality strongly identified with somatic experience, and the diurnal and seasonal cycles of the natural world.
Meanwhile, we can observe that the vibration is mainly synchronous with a very slight nonsynchronous vibration, which indicates that the test rig is in good state.
We can conclude that the two different FHN neurons can be nonsynchronous, owing to variations in model parameters and, additionally, that a suitable value of stimulation amplitude in the set [a.sub.1] [member of] [0 2] (correspondingly [a.sub.2] [member of] [0.4 2.4]), for synchronization of these different neurons, might not exist.
At one level, this is the experience of being simultaneously in mutually contradicting scales of existence--as being both de Certeau's eagle on high and the walker in the streets; as enmeshed in Bloch's nonsynchronous world.
Kim, "Nonsynchronous noncommensurate impedance transformers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol.
Future directions include the IC schemes with the assumption of nonsynchronous transmission process between the primary system and the secondary system and the multiple antennas IC schemes in mobile environment.
Due to the internationality of the sample a few observations (<4%) were affected by the issue of nonsynchronous trading hours of international stock exchange when the first announcement was made in a different time zone than the exchange where the sponsor's shares were primarily traded.
In this nonsynchronous and transversal vision of oppression, identity markers such as "American-born", as flaunted by the very same student, reveal themselves to be empty and vacuous.
The duration of the egg mass hatching period was categorized as synchronous (hatching period=zero days) or nonsynchronous (hatching period=one or more days), and the association of this variable with the temperature and photoperiod conditions (A, B and C) and rearing densities (I and G) was tested using the chi-square test (Zar 2009).
A nonsynchronous data issue is present across the data sources.