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Some use "power-and-free" to describe any conveyor that provides nonsynchronous flow-allowing individual, selected loads to be stopped while the conveyor drive runs and other loads continue to move.
Lo and MacKinlay (1990) present evidence that nonsynchronous trading cannot fully account for the fact that large-stock returns lead the returns of small stocks, however.
Nonsynchronous trading refers to the mismatching of the values for R[.
Bias From Nonsynchronous Trading in Tests of the Levhari-Levy Hypothesis, The Review of Economics and Statistics 67 (May): 346-351.
gravity fittings, gravity storage helicals, chain-driven live-roller conveyors (CDLR), parts storage and retrieval systems, robotic and other automated materials handling devices, and both synchronous and nonsynchronous concepts.
Blanks are presented to the first robot by a nonsynchronous indexing conveyor equipped with 12 pallets, each holding nearly 100 pieces.
Start of the General Electric booth was a nonsynchronous manufacturing cell, Figure 4, created from scratch by GE engineers in 16 weeks to demonstrate the production of rotor-fan assemblies for dishwashers (and destined for their Louisville Appliance Park plant).
Risk-adjusted excess returns are calculated using the Scholes-Williams procedure to account for the nonsynchronous trading problem.
Part of the problem stems from the fact that flexibility can be gained in many ways: From people, programmability, modularity, fast-change tooling, nonsynchronous material-handling systems, selectable dedicated stations, and others.
To correct for the potential bias induced by nonsynchronous trading, we measure changes in systematic risk using betas estimated by the aggregated coefficient method proposed by Dimson (1979) and modified by Fowler and Rorke (1983).
could simply reflect measurement errors in portfolio returns arising due to nonsynchronous trading.
4) These "sum" betas correct for a bias in small-firm betas that most likely results from nonsynchronous trading, trading frictions, or institutional features that induce autocorrelations and cross-autocorrelations in security returns.