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A transactions data analysis of nonsynchronous trading.
Race, class, and gender in American educational research toward a nonsynchronous parallelist position.
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However, very few virus particles were on the neighboring cell (top right), indicating a nonsynchronous infection.
To move the panels, Dane chose the Rexroth TSplus, a nonsynchronous conveyor system designed for transporting palleted workpieces.
The image of the Han Dynasty walls (representing Confucian teachings) surrounding excavation of an older Temple of the White Emperor with artifacts (representing Daoism) shows the problem: the Soul Mountain narrators must define the self in the midst of the crushing weight of nonsynchronous Chinese cultural traditions.
All 10-min averages were compared, and also all 1-hr averages, because the 10-min averages might be affected by nonsynchronous clock times on the monitors.
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paragraph] Lamb Assembly & Test, which makes synchronous and nonsynchronous assembly machines, especially for powertrains, in Rockford, Ill.
ACTV has developed an extensive patent portfolio that broadly covers the core methodologies for enhancing television, radio and other audiovisual programming with an array of synchronous and nonsynchronous Internet-based functions, and for the creation and delivery of interactive, one-to-one digital television.
Nonsynchronous, accumulating material-handling systems from SI Handling Systems.
Chapter three contains a discussion of nonsynchronous trading, the bid-ask spread, and modeling of transactions data.