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According to Ward, several alcohols-- such as isopropyl, propanol and methanol --dechlorinate PCBs, leaving behind nontoxic biphenyls.
Ecological elements include solar preheated water, a built-in commode sink for recycling hand-wash water, ample natural light, color-balanced fluorescent artificial lighting, nontoxic paints and floor coverings, and recycled plastic and wood deck lumber, counter tops and mantel.
* Clean and refresh the home with nontoxic disinfectants and cleaning agents.
It said that while it sent the samples to a specialized laboratory for testing, the quantities were insufficient to identify the exact cause, but due to the presence of living biological organisms in the water, the conclusion was reached that the material was nontoxic and likely the result of organic dye used in the textile industry.
The association between breast cancer and nontoxic goiter is unclear, she said.
Data Source: A review of 789 women with nontoxic goiter.
Upland Fasteel provides a very effective nontoxic load for upland bird hunters facing new no-lead regulations.
It will be put to use this fall as the museum offers a nontoxic intaglio printmaking workshop.
Alamar Blue is a safe, nontoxic aqueous dye that is used to assess cell viability and cell proliferation and is supplied as a sterile indigo colored liquid.
UC Irvine has been awarded $1.62 million to lead a University of California program on development of nontoxic alternatives to everyday products, such as electronics, plastics, lighting products, fuels and pesticides.
Los Angeles landscape designer Stephan e Rubin makes green-roofed doghouses constructed of fragrant, Forest Stewardship Council-certified red cedar, assembled using nontoxic glue, and painted with pup-friendly pigments.
Q: How do I choose the best nontoxic finishes to decorate my home?