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The equation for calculating the comprehensive heat transfer coefficient of a building's exterior (nontranslucent) envelope is shown here as (1).
This method has limited applicability and is unsuitable in eyes with nontranslucent optical centres, lack of fixation, narrow pupil, and nystagmus.
This method has become popular in a very short time due to its numerous advantages, including the repeatability and reliability of measurement, availability, the low cost of testing, and suitability for nontranslucent optical structures.
So we formulated the laboratory extraction of Pa which is tested and harmless in case of ingestion by humans and, in general, by nontranslucent organisms [9].
Can easily be recognized by the characteristic pattern of lighter, nontranslucent specks oriented in spiral lines on a darker, semi-translucent, corneous background, as well as alternating zones of lighter and darker close-set axial riblets on the upper side of the shell with only microscopic spiral striation on the base.