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Thus, few circumstances of the nonuniform transmission sample-data hybrid system under the DETCS were studied by using the methods of nonuniform sample-data control system for the nonlinear NCS based on the T-S fuzzy model.
2] performs additional data compression by using nonuniform quantization in the second stage.
Unlike traditional matched filtering, it will be demonstrated that the proposed algorithm can reconstruct the targets with favorable azimuth ambiguity suppression performance and acquire a better imaging resolution under the circumstance of nonuniform sampling without any other further processing.
Based on the existing research, this paper proposes a nonuniform node distribution clustering algorithm (NNDC) to effectively avoid the energy hole problem.
If the chemical constituents of copper plating bath or the process parameters are not controlled, the resultant deposit will have an undesirable roughness and nonuniform grain structure.
PNS2 (Periodic Nonuniform Sampling of order 2) deals with two periodic samplings [t.
With this definition, a DPN of 1 indicates a perfectly uniform pattern, and a higher DPN refers to a more nonuniform pattern.
Our main objectives are to give some integral characterizations for these four stability concepts ((h, k)-stability, uniform exponential stability, exponential stability in the sense Barreira-Valls and nonuniform exponential stability) and to establish relations between these stability concepts.
Such a management is possible if we take into account an asymptotic situation when the motions of the traveling twin is prevalently uniform or, in addition, the nonuniform motions are symmetrically present for both of the twins.
Nonuniform filter banks, if correctly optimized, can alleviate some of the typical artifacts experienced in subband coding [2].
Solution of nonuniform distribution of axial load between threads of threaded connections was first proposed by Russian scientist N.
have left the opening chapters on microwave network theory, characteristics of planar transmission lines, analysis of uniformly coupled lines, broadband forward-wave directional couplers, parallel- coupled TEM directional couplers, and nonuniform broadband TEM directional couplers largely untouched, save for some additions and changes made to accommodate the multiplayer design of coupled lines.