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167) This rule resulted in intra-circuit nonuniformity, because
Evans, "A nonparametric method for automatic correction of intensity nonuniformity in mri data," IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol.
Figure 3 is a brain MRI of size 258 x 258 with 5% noise and 40% intensity nonuniformity.
The avalanche transistor circuit, presented in this paper, exhibits high noise level in the microwave range and good flatness of the spectrum with the nonuniformity of +1 dB.
The mutual inductance between windings a and b, considering radial and axial nonuniformity, is obtained as follows [23]:
The main explanation for this wonderful speciality may be interpreted as that through nonadaptive and linear measurement, CS scheme is not sensitive to the nonuniformity of the sampling.
Slight temperature nonuniformity across the combustion chamber was observed, and the temperature difference between the left and right sides did not exceed 100-150 [degrees]C.
You get this Bayesian-like behavior simply by the fact that you have this nonuniformity in the brain," Girshick says.
This temperature nonuniformity invalidates the key assumption behind Equation (10)--that all rack inlet temperatures are equal--and is responsible for the disagreement between the results of the CFD model and those given by Eq.
Criteria according which the quality of rotational vibroactuator can be determined are average velocity [phi] of the output link, nonuniformity coefficient of motion [delta], efficiency [eta].
This paper considers how this claim about the nonuniformity of concept possession accords with different theories of attitude ascription and with claims about reverse compositionality.
The resonant frequency discrepancy is mostly due to the nonuniformity of the dielectric, the difference of simulation and fabrication.