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In fact, when the take up velocity increases above a critical value, the formation of more crystals can lead to the appearance of severe defects, such as micro voids and high radial nonuniformity inside the fiber which significantly deteriorate the fiber's performance [19, 42].
complainant-based private law exception, nonuniformity is even weaker.
Since the coefficient of dC/d[eta] is positive in the interval (0, [infinity]), the nonuniformity occurs near [eta] = 0.
In mechanical coffee harvesting, the main difficulties faced are the varying architectural characteristics of the plant and the nonuniformity of fruit ripeness (SOUZA et al.
This significant within-master-panel variation could arise mainly from the nonuniformity of the formed mat.
The asymmetry of the force field may be caused also by the nonuniformity of the gap between the induction coil and the liquid metal pool, the nature of distribution of the density of the macroflow in the induction coil, the displacement of the crucible in relation to the induction coil, and the shape of the crucible.
The nonuniformity was related to GC content, potentially due to the PCR and bridge-amplification methods used in the Illumina technology.
According to the sarcomere nonuniformity hypothesis, (48) shorter muscles that have fewer sarcomeres in series are more susceptible to muscle damage.
In essence, this would codify the notion of a geographical nonuniformity of federal law based on differing rulings of the various circuits.
1994) Sources of intensity nonuniformity in spin echo images at 1.
49) Drawing on Mikhail Bakhtin's concept of "heteroglossia" as a novel form, Gorra argues the use of different languages and styles of English at the Midnight's Children's Conference is an example of staging nonuniformity and a lack of wholeness as none of the members of the MCC can represent India as a whole.