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Jenq, Digital spectra of nonuniformly sampled signals: A robust sampling time offset estimation algorithm for ultra highspeed waveform digitizers using interleaving, IEEE Trans.
Thus, control for inequality adds support to the conclusion that the wage change distribution reacts nonuniformly to labor market shocks.
A sand exhibiting acceptable properties tested under lab conditions will, if poorly or nonuniformly compacted due to process variables, produce poor molds and cause scrap.
Aggregate disparate data, ranging from numbers to uniformly weighted intervals to nonuniformly weighted intervals to words
The overall shape of this nonuniformly patterned ABS film agreed with that from the experimentally embossed film under same embossing conditions as previously described in Part I.
g] concerns the Geometrically Necessary Dislocations (GND), which are required for compatible deformation of various parts of the nonuniformly deformed material.
2] particles are deposited nonuniformly and agglomerated together.
The short linters may have been nonuniformly dispersed in the polymer substrate, causing polymer encapsulation problems and potentially weak spots within the LCPC matrix.
18) However, accelerated acquisition results in the loss of SNR and in the introduction of noise nonuniformly (Figure 5).
While WSK sampling series treats sample values taken at uniformly spaced points, Kramer's series may take sample values at nonuniformly spaced points.