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Improving polynomial phase parameter estimation by using nonuniformly spaced signal sample method," IEEE Trans.
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Pricing in MLB occurs in geographically isolated markets in which most teams are local monopolists; all sell multiple products including tickets, parking, and concessions, at prices that vary substantially and nonuniformly across teams and across time.
Microscopic observations revealed nonuniformly dispersed PC
Their model is well suited for applications with nonuniformly heated walls, and it accurately predicts the stratification height and the vertical air and wall temperature gradients as a function of DV supply air conditions and the chilled-ceiling temperature.
The resin penetrated into the mats smoothly and without apparent difficulty but probably somewhat nonuniformly.
the reported data are voluntary self reports of state or local law enforcement agencies, which may not report at all in some years or may report incompletely, with errors, or nonuniformly across jurisdictions;
But why would risk sharing affect risk components nonuniformly over different time periods?
In general terms, enforcement costs increase and the practical significance of a duty of restitution decreases when the benefits spread across many recipients, are nonuniformly allocated, and are of a low average value.
8,9) Prevention of CIN has been the subject of many studies (10); but the development of new contrast formulation, (11,12) injection technique, (13) and pretreatment para digm, (14) strategies to prevent CIN are implemented nonuniformly (15) and have shown varied results.
Dasberg S, Hopmans JW (1992) Time domain reflectometry calibration for uniformly and nonuniformly wetted sandy and clayey loam soils.