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The mean age of patients at diagnosis of nonunion fracture was 9 years, with a range of 3-14 years.
A bone break that hasn't healed after six to nine months is called a nonunion fracture.
Orthopedic and sports medicine conditions such as nonunion fracture and tendinopathy treated with the orthoPACE[TM] device have a proven success rate that is equal to and often greater than that of surgery - usually with just one procedure and without the inherent risks, complications and lengthy recovery time associated with invasive surgery.
The orthoPACE[TM] will be indicated for a wide range of orthopedic, sports medicine and trauma indications including acute and nonunion fracture treatment.
Definite management of bilateral lower leg nonunion fractures by Ilizarov apparatus in polytraumatized patient - case report.
The Orthofix Physio-Stim device is currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of nonunion fractures.