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Therefore, the purpose of this study sought to identify both reasons for use and nonuse of alcohol among NCAA student-athletes, and explore potential differences by gender/sex, race/ethnicity and NCAA Division.
The petitions pointed several irregularities during the May 2013 elections including nonuse of magnetic ink as prescribed under the law.
Lack of access was not a commonly cited reason for nonuse in Latin America or Asia, but was often mentioned in some African countries.
Specifically, the influences of seasonality, growth, and intended nonuse of capacity on the volume variance can be determined easily prior to the onset of the reporting period.
72), while those in the marijuana dependent category were over twice as likely as the nonuse group to test positive for opioids (AOR = 2.
While the previous section compares reasons across nonuse and abandonment, this section compares reasons within non-use and abandonment separately.
13] have inoculated Corn seed with the Azotobacter crococom and by planting them in the field with not inoculated seeds as control in a two-year field experiment they observed different treatments about are used or nonuse of nitrogen that yield and forage dry material, ratio of green leaves per plant and shoot phosphate levels have been increased by inoculation.
Neither current use nor former use was associated with an increased risk for serious cardiovascular events, compared with nonuse.
seat belts) or other required protective equipment, or to comply with operator licensing or training requirements, be considered when making a line-of-duty determination for death or injuries resulting from nonuse of such equipment or noncompliance with requirements.
c]; Burnham and Anderson 2001), was used to evaluate models comparing habitat variables between use and nonuse areas.
Baghdad (NINA) -- Head of the Europe Department at the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, Sadiq AL Rikabi, said "Iraq's stance toward Bahrain was united," adding "it counted on the basis of supporting peoples and the nonuse of heavy weaponry against demonstrators, the use of debate between the authorities and the people, isolating internal problems from external interventions, or turning internal problems into sectarian crisis.
For patients who did not use their OS, one question was added to ask for the reason of nonuse.