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'Based on the foregoing [findings], the nonimplementation of programmed activities and nonutilization of program funds were indicative that [the DILG] had not prepared a concrete plan for Masa Masid, which resulted in the no-attainment of the program's objective[s],' the COA said.
The limitation of the study lies in the fact that it only highlights the pattern of health-care utilization and reasons for nonutilization of health-care services by elderly population.
Maternal complications and poor perinatal outcome are usually associated with other factors like nonutilization of antenatal and delivery care services and poor socioeconomic condition of the family.
Age at the time of surgery and the nonutilization of MPA were significantly associated with death, while having a female donor was protective for all-cause death.
Health Worker Perception on the Reasons for Adolescents Nonutilization of Reproductive Health Services.
This process is considered the best approach to fabricate the nanophosphor into complete form, due to its straightforward process and nonutilization of toxic carbon disulfide ([CS.sub.2]) or hydrogen sulfide ([H.sub.2]S) [21].
This increased concentration of testicular cholesterol may be the result of nonutilization leading to the reduction of production of the hormone which is involved in the control of fertility of animals including rats [19].
In order to compare utilization methods to nonutilization methods, it was necessary to account for traditional disposal costs.
Nonutilization of aminocaproic acid also was an independent risk factor predicting reoperation for bleeding.
The asset composition and mean values for selected assets varied considerably by provision status--utilization or nonutilization of a provision.
With the exception of a half-dozen inexpensive preventive services, HMOs rarely perform what we might call "nonutilization review," that is, review of a doctor's refusal to perform a service.