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VIABILITY, med. jur. An aptitude to live after birth; extra uterine life. 1 Briand. Med. Leg. 1ere partie, c. 6, art. 2. See 2 Sav. Dr. Rom. Append. III. for a learned discussion of this subject.

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2) The data has shown that a single measurement of HCG regardless of its value does not reliably distinguish between an ectopic and a viable or nonviable intrauterine pregnancy.
Economically speaking and as alluded to earlier, labor-intensive industries in Thailand have increasingly become nonviable because of rising wages and labor shortages.
For example, many manufacturers elect to use the methodology set forth in ISO 14644 to sample for nonviable particulates.
10) Studies have found that serum progesterone combined with [beta]-hCG measurements has the highest reliability in predicting nonviable pregnancy, with a diagnostic accuracy of 85.
REGULATING TO DISASTER: HOW GREEN JOBS POLICIES ARE DAMAGING AMERICA'S ECONOMY is a pick for political science, business and economics libraries alike and considers the nature and claims of 'green' jobs, showing how energy prices rise dramatically and American economic growth suffers when government invests in nonviable 'green' businesses.
Now, a new study has found that a single test of progesterone levels in women with these symptoms could help discriminate between a viable and nonviable pregnancy, according to MyHealthNewsDaily, a sister site to LiveScience.
Ryan Hawkins: Anytime that people are involved in aseptic processing, you'll find some of the highest risks, given we shed viable and nonviable particles all the time.
Such matings result in nonviable eggs that fail to hatch.
These eggs ranged from apparently nonviable to those that contained developing embryos.
Mike Zubretsky of DAS explained to Holography News that the non-security graphics market for the photopolymer 'has been shown to be nonviable over the past 15 years' and the company is now concentrating on the authentication market.
This obsession with media-induced ideas of a Western lifestyle is in fact nonviable and harmful to social progress at the local level.
The current social security system -- encompassing old-age pensions, and health and nursing care -- is becoming nonviable due to the aging of society and other changes in the nation's social fabric.