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VIABILITY, med. jur. An aptitude to live after birth; extra uterine life. 1 Briand. Med. Leg. 1ere partie, c. 6, art. 2. See 2 Sav. Dr. Rom. Append. III. for a learned discussion of this subject.

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Manufacturers can partner with recognized compliance vendors that offer nonviable and viable air and surface sample testing of controlled environments.
In the vast majority of cases in the study, women with low progesterone levels had nonviable pregnancies, the researchers said.
These eggs ranged from apparently nonviable to those that contained developing embryos.
However, PCR-based methods cannot distinguish between viable and nonviable cells, so results must be interpreted accordingly.
to identify pregnancies in which a fetus is going to be nonviable but could carry to term, said Dr.
This obsession with media-induced ideas of a Western lifestyle is in fact nonviable and harmful to social progress at the local level.
The current social security system -- encompassing old-age pensions, and health and nursing care -- is becoming nonviable due to the aging of society and other changes in the nation's social fabric.
He pointed out that the Union is receiving complaints that inputs have become very costly, and the rising cost of production is making units nonviable.
SEDIGEP is a non-profit co-operative run by farmers' organisations, which was considering closing down the warehouse operation because it was nonviable -- the money it made from packing potatoes could not cover the wages it was paying, in contrast to competing packers, who did not pay their employees union rates.
To help struggling credit unions, the Central Bank said it has developed a three-point plan that involves resolving "weak and nonviable credit unions" while protecting members' savings.
The result would be a nonviable Palestinian entity that is ineluctably irredentist, one that the Palestinians (and the rest of the world) would never accept.
Israel's retention of settlement blocs and a military presence in the Jordan Valley will make our state noncontiguous and nonviable.