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Marie Dennis, co-president of Pax Christi, said that a papal encyclical on nonviolence would bring the concept "from the periphery of Catholic thought on war and peace to the center, mainstreaming nonviolence as a spirituality, lifestyle, a program of societal action and a universal ethic."
Another came in the keen interest of "Islam and gender" female professors of the Middle East in Tokyo and Kyoto in the reading of an Arab Spring as the fount of a new philosophy of history, a philosophy where nonviolence was the anima of revolutionary break with a violent past.
Our in-depth workshops create brave spaces where participants can discover their true power and where many are moved to adopt nonviolence as a way of life.
Catholic social thought, including a growing number of recent papal statements and church documents, has increasingly articulated the centrality of gospel nonviolence. As Pope Benedict XVI put it in a 2007 homily, "Nonviolence, for Christians, is not mere tactical behavior but a person's way of being, the attitude of one who is convinced of God's love and power, who is not afraid to confront evil with the weapons of love and truth alone.
In the contemporary United States, any talk in the public space about peace and nonviolence is rare.
The argument he develops from the text is that God's "Edenic ideal" was nonviolence (41), but God "accommodates to some of the moral norms of the ancient Near East" by allowing for some amount of violence within the Mosaic Law (47).
highlights the influence of Gandhi on Christian attitudes toward nonviolence. The book concludes with inspiring descriptions of contemporary peacemakers in our midst.
Are nonviolence and total opposition to war truly demands of the Gospel?
Sider boldly states that nonviolence can work and work very well.
Mahavira's lessons on nonviolence and compassion still have a profound impact around the globe, and he is credited with influencing Mahatma Gandhi, who in turn inspired Martin Luther King, Jr.
Contributors in peace and conflict, justice, education, history, and philosophy offer essential teachings of nonviolence in conversation with a range of contemporary concerns, illustrating the power of nonviolence as a tool for individuals, communities, and nations to utilize in confronting the myriad challenges of our time.
Hartford, CT, November 02, 2013 --( The Connecticut Center for Nonviolence, in conjunction with Asylum Hill Congregational Church, will be presenting a multi-day workshop on Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Training, November 13, 14 & 16.