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Since Nazi Germany is so often used to "prove" that nonviolence does not work, it is beneficial to examine one of the instances of nonviolence under this regime in detail.
To go back to the Gandhi comparison, I think it is important to acknowledge that Iraqis have their own ways of doing nonviolence.
Buddha (563-483 BC) also endorsed and lived a live of nonviolence.
Schell's approach is too schematic, and his discussion about how military warfare is giving way to nonviolence can be seen as too Pollyannaish, especially given recent events.
Antiwar lay Catholics, not the mainstream clergy, felt compelled to teach other Catholics about their Church's position on war and its history of nonviolence.
This is what nonviolence activist Barbara Deming called the "genius" of nonviolence, what farm labor leader Cesar Chavez termed its "chemistry"--the ability of dignified suffering to attract sympathy and political support.
They acknowledge that nonviolence is often a marginalized motif, set aside by the demands of maintaining order by force within a society and by the need to defend society against external threats.
To embrace nonviolence as a way of life is a personal, corporate and cultural undertaking.
This fascinating book is a transcription of the talks given by representatives from the Mohawk, Algonquin, Cree, Innu, and other First Nations from the Quebec and Labrador regions who came together in Montreal in October 1994 to discuss native peace and nonviolence traditions and their application in today's world.
Up through the early '60s, he taught in high school and college, sending students into Catholic working houses of hospitality in hopes of radicalizing them to side with the ideals of nonviolence and with the poor, as he himself one day would.
In camps with a religious focus, bible study times could include major sections on nonviolence and environmental lifestyle choices.
I wonder if you could add two words, in keeping with the conference and its final statement into the last sentence of the editorial: "Francis should write an encyclical on nonviolence and just peace, but first let's have a synod on peacemaking.