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The decision is part of an overall plan by Justice leaders to get the escalating nationwide prison population under control -- and provide a respite for nonviolent inmates who have spent, in some cases, decades behind bars due to the overly tough punitive terms handed out by courts during the 1980s and 1990s.
Sometimes called nonviolent resistance, unarmed struggle, or nonviolent action, this form of conflict is now a mainstay in the international system.
Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP), an international nongovernmental organization, is better known in remote war zones of South Sudan and Mindanao than on Times Square.
The Center for Nonviolent Solutions is providing an opportunity for teachers to learn new ways to teach the history of progress through nonviolent conflict resolution.
This collection of essays explores cases of nonviolent resistance from around the world in relation to identity formation in national and other forms of collective struggle.
This lack of credibility was on full display in Nablus and Hebron, where protesters aggressively called for the resignation of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad, and the dismantling of the PA completely, while in Ramallah nonviolent marchers called for an overhaul of its economic and political policies.
Exacting debilitating costs on a state's sources of power rather than mere sentimental motivation underlie the nonviolent strategy.
Once in office, he unsuccessfully attempted to pass legislation that would have amended Virginia's constitution to automatically restore voting rights to nonviolent offenders who completed their sentence--prompting him to take administrative action instead.
ROME, July 4, 2010 (WAFA)- A petition called for pressurizing Israel to release of more than 7 thousand political Palestinians prisoners, among which more than 300 younger, and to stop Israeli repression against popular nonviolent resistance.
The reality of course is that Palestinian nonviolent resisters are not only active today but have a long and storied history in the Palestinian struggle.
King's Realizing the Dream organization, now the program arm of the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
They then recruited 400 college students and made some watch a nonviolent version of the cop show The Shield, while others viewed a graphically violent episode of the prison drama Oz.