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To read the Bible nonviolently also requires the reader to side with the victims of violence (81); to consider how such stories may influence a child's view of the world (for example, the ark story) (82); to read from the margins of society (85); and to read with an appeal to accepted standards of morality (86).
But if their supporters in North America and Europe publicized the ICJ opinion, and if Palestinians found the inner wherewithal to persevere nonviolently, it seems probable that far, far fewer than 5,000 Palestinians would be killed before Israel were forced to desist.
Gandhi says, "After you've tried everything you can nonviolently, you have to cross the line and break the laws that legalize mass murder in your name.
The California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) unites and empowers the California community of higher education to collaboratively and nonviolently transform itself and its institutions based on social, economic, and ecological responsibilities.
"We will do so with determination, but nonviolently".
Lech Walesa (the Black Madonna on his lapel) scaled the Gdansk shipyard fence and nonviolently led the Polish people to freedom.
The Palestinians will have to help such trends by finding a way to resist the Israeli occupation nonviolently.
7, 2003) taught us how Gandhi fought for civil rights nonviolently. Dr.
The olive harvest in the Palestinian Occupied Territories this fall has the seeds of future peace as Israelis, Palestinians, and Internationals nonviolently resist oppression together, as Jews, Moslems, and Christians work side by side to fashion a peaceful life together.
In sharp contrast, negotiators prefer to take their time and negotiate with suspects in an effort to get them over their crises to end the situation peacefully and nonviolently, thereby saving lives.
And so they want to have their Jesus without the implications, for example, for living nonviolently. And I just don't think you can do that.