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United, we must nonviolently confront our oppressors each and every time they come at us with their "structural adjustments," weapons, and military.
The white South resisted with fire hoses and police dogs; brave blacks, many of them schoolchildren, many more barely in their twenties, courageously -- and nonviolently -- walked the line until, finally, Johnson signed the watershed civil and voting rights acts in 1964 and 1965.
Mahony and Eguren present examples from Sri Lanka and Latin America (chiefly Guatemala and El Salvador, but also Haiti and Colombia) to show how Peace Brigades International volunteers create "breathing space" for individuals and groups working nonviolently for social justice by providing support and accompaniment to threatened activists.
Big Brothers Big Sisters is proven to improve children's odds for succeeding in school, behaving nonviolently, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and breaking negative cycles.
The demonstration was slowly and nonviolently approaching the [IOF] soldiers when, with no provocation, they released multiple tear-gas canisters," reported Ellen Barfield, a sergeant in the U.
TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline serves no legitimate public interest," said signatory Ron Seifert, a Spokesperson for the Tar Sands Blockade, a separate but complimentary effort underway in Texas to nonviolently halt the pipeline's construction.
The Israel/Palestine Mission Network believes this is a positive step and hopes the church will continue to support Palestinians who are struggling nonviolently to achieve freedom and self-determination," it added.
and when the cops come, we put our bodies on the line and resist them nonviolently with everything we've got.
s use of examples from Scripture, Christian theology, and human experience is compelling, as is his assertion that we have a natural capacity to live nonviolently, indeed, to love everyone from the heart as Jesus calls us to do.
The sacrifices of our military would be meaningless if it were not for those who regularly and nonviolently exercise their freedoms to question those in authority in keeping with the traditions of the Hebrew midwives Shiphrah and Puah, Jesus of Nazareth, St.
It is unfortunate that we may have to ban corporal punishment, making its use a misdemeanor, to get more of our neighbors, friends and family members to raise the children of our state nonviolently.
They are "ordinary people with big hearts and a passion for justice achieved nonviolently.