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7, 2003) taught us how Gandhi fought for civil rights nonviolently.
The olive harvest in the Palestinian Occupied Territories this fall has the seeds of future peace as Israelis, Palestinians, and Internationals nonviolently resist oppression together, as Jews, Moslems, and Christians work side by side to fashion a peaceful life together.
In sharp contrast, negotiators prefer to take their time and negotiate with suspects in an effort to get them over their crises to end the situation peacefully and nonviolently, thereby saving lives.
And so they want to have their Jesus without the implications, for example, for living nonviolently.
United, we must nonviolently confront our oppressors each and every time they come at us with their "structural adjustments," weapons, and military.
Females were more likely than males to disagree that students knew how to solve conflict nonviolently, and more likely to agree that a lot of things got stolen at the school and that students dreaded coming to school.
and the American Indian Movement have been nonviolently resisting the state's efforts to build a new highway for months now) and, while bashing what he calls "big government," he works hard to keep the aspects of it that aid him.
The white South resisted with fire hoses and police dogs; brave blacks, many of them schoolchildren, many more barely in their twenties, courageously -- and nonviolently -- walked the line until, finally, Johnson signed the watershed civil and voting rights acts in 1964 and 1965.
Mahony and Eguren present examples from Sri Lanka and Latin America (chiefly Guatemala and El Salvador, but also Haiti and Colombia) to show how Peace Brigades International volunteers create "breathing space" for individuals and groups working nonviolently for social justice by providing support and accompaniment to threatened activists.
Better to have a version of "all hell breaking loose" in schools where we can handle controversy nonviolently than in the larger society where hell can mean physical violence.
The authors must be commended for promotion of peacemaking in this prosperous society struggling nonviolently toward democracy.