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In these proceedings of the symposium held in November and December of 2004, contributors describe their research in nonvolatile memories with discrete storage nodes, ferroelectric memories, magnetoresistive random access memory, nanoparticle memories, materials form non-volatile memories, and organic and resistive memories.
All data written to the FRAM memory is immediately nonvolatile, without the delays often associated with older nonvolatile memory technologies.
It's nonvolatile yet has access speeds that rival those of conventional memories.
Ovonyx nonvolatile memory technology offers significantly faster write and erase speeds, higher cycling endurance, and better scaling performance with new generations of photolithography than conventional Flash memory.
Serial Number--a writeable 64-bit nonvolatile memory block that can be locked by the user once the serial number is set.
In many applications requiring nonvolatile memory, a single byte or group of bytes are written frequently, perhaps to update the current state of the system or to keep track of current time.
Our embedded flash memory technology is a better choice than traditional EEPROM technology for integrating high-density, low-power, lower-cost and highly reliable nonvolatile memories into SoC (system-on-a-chip) products such as smart card ICs and other ASIC designs.
This demonstration led to the nonvolatile memory contract award this year.
Advanced FRAM products will improve existing nonvolatile memory applications as well as allow new applications to emerge that cannot be served by existing technologies, such as nonvolatile main memory in portable computers.
This level of performance is not available with any other nonvolatile technology.
Simtek Corporation designs and markets high-speed, re-programmable, nonvolatile semiconductor memory products, for use in a variety of systems including RAID servers, high performance workstations, GPS navigational systems, robotics, copiers and printers, and networking and broadcast equipment.