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Both nonworkers and workers continued to reinforce their own interests at the expense of the other.
First, they show that if nonworkers are more likely to identify themselves as work-limited, conditioning on actual disability, then the estimated effect of work limitation on labor force withdrawal will tend to be upward-biased under plausible assumptions.
Using the Human Resource Utilization Survey, the authors calculated the average nonworker rates between 1993 and 1998 by county.
Thirty-four percent of individuals had blue-collar jobs and 38% of the subjects were nonworkers (e.
Along the same lines, one would expect part-time workers to be in some sense "between" full-time workers and nonworkers in how they use their time-especially if people work part time to ease the transition from full-time work to retirement.
With respect to pleural abnormalities, we found a significant interaction between age and being a former WRG worker, in which the magnitude of the OR among former WRG workers compared with nonworkers decreases with increasing age.
Tables displaying the longitudinal patterns of employment rates show that as women entered the labor force in large numbers, they moved from being persistent nonworkers to being persistent workers.
incapacitation for Surveyed Scope more than 7 establishments, overview days, injuries to except those in nonworkers that construction, result in have a minimum hospitalization for of 10 treatment, and employees.
Thirty-five (33%) outbreaks were work-related; 26 occurred among workers only, and 9 affected workers and nonworkers.
The gender difference is also visible in the way nonworkers spend their days.