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The latest studies suggest that the salt concentrations in airway fluid produced by cystic fibrosis and that in normal lung tissue are similar.
While during the month of July, rainfall over the country as a whole was slightly below to its normal value i.
No, normal, I'll tell you this, you're getting pretty much impossible to use any more.
APRIL Nordic Region - Colder than normal UK - Colder than normal Northern Mainland - Colder than normal Southern Mainland - Colder than normal, except Southeast
New fares on Tokyo to Frankfurt services are: JPY438,000 for Economy PEX, a drop of 7%; JPY920,100 for normal Economy Class, up 8%; JPY1,220,100 for normal Business Class, an increase of 12%; and JPY2,204,100 for normal First Class, a rise of 13%.
When T-wave alternans results are normal, comments Rosenbaum, "we're doing the patient a big favor by not implanting a defibrillator.
A follow-up examination with videostroboscopy 4 months later indicated that all of the patient's vocal deficits had resolved and that his laryngeal anatomy and function were normal (figure, D).
Mutations or damage to DNA can "initiate" a cancer by turning off normal cell regulation.
To the relief of many potentially affected companies, the normal purchase and sales exemption (Paragraph 10b of FAS 133) saved the day.
I have come to realize that normal is just a word for things in the majority.
Sure, Bonnie and Terry Turner had created two hit network sitcoms (NBC's 3rd Rock From the Sun and Fox's That '70s Show), but their latest effort, Normal, Ohio, about a 40-something gay man who moves back to his hometown in Middle America, presented some special challenges.
2 Coverage people -- establish normal coverage lanes in approaching the return man.