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Those whose hearing was not within normal limits in one or both ears were given another 2 weeks of treatment and assessed again 2 weeks after its completion.
1 hr during the second stage) was within normal limits, but the fetal weight (3,708 g) was slightly heavier than the average for a neonate.
His complete blood count and urea, electrolyte, rheumatoid factor, and antinuclear factor levels were all within normal limits.
Federal regulations require that laboratories manually rescreen at least 10 percent of slides initially determined to be within normal limits.
Electronystagmography performed elsewhere had detected no spontaneous or positional nystagmus, and the alternate binaural bithermal stimulus had elicited a 10% reduced vestibular response (RVR) right, which is within normal limits.
The waiver, which is in place from Saturday through midnight March 31, allows drivers assisting with the transportation of utility crews to areas hard hit by the storm to exceed the normal limits on driving time.
KUWAIT - A Kuwaiti minister said the surfacing of dead fish over the past two weeks "is within normal limits because of change of temperature," in addition to human-caused pollution.
Complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, and inflammatory markers were within normal limits.
Our secondary objective is to observe whether hospital charges increase for patients with BACs above normal limits.
Ic] result was 6%, which is within normal limits for an individual with Type I diabetes that is well controlled (National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, 2014).